Feeling bored and tired actually kill your productivity, but it doesn’t have to. There are certain things you can adopt to increase your energy levels and get to work. Simple tasks and activities such as five minutes’ break or a quick desk stretch can help you focus even when you’re exhausted.

To tackle your day and push through fatigue, start your day by writing a list of all tasks you need to get done and do the most important one first. Also, deactivate phone and email notifications so that they don’t take bite into your focus, but just be sure to check your email every 30 minutes so you don’t miss anything important.

From drinking enough water to changing the work environment, there are a number of easy things you can do to boost up your productivity.

There are lots of simple tweaks you can make to give yourself a boost when your energy is low. Check out below mentioned tips to stay productive and focused.

11 Tips to Stay Productive & Focused When You’re Tired

1. List Everything You Need To Do, Pick The Most Important Task And Do It First

After writing up your task down, rank them from most to least important. This will help you prioritize difficult and urgent tasks, get them done and leave easy tasks for down time. Experts agree we are most productive in the first few hours of the day.

2. Take A 5 Minute Break Every 25 Minutes

Download BreakTimer to your web browser to remind you each time you’re due 5 minutes. Even just a 30 second break can make you 13% more productive.

3. Deactivate Phone & Email Notifications

Schedule 30 minutes in your calendar to read emails. Pop-up notifications can drag attention away from the task at hand. Research in ‘Social Psychology’ found even having your phone b\visible can distract you.

4. Stretch Regularly

Try a lower back stretch. Sit forward and bring one knee towards your chest. Put both hands on the back of your thigh and move it towards you holding for 30 seconds. Research shows that stretching boosts the oxygen flow to your brain giving you more energy.

5. Drink A Bulletproof Coffee

Prepare the coffee the night before and reheat in the morning adding the butter and coconut oil. Black coffee blended with two tablespoons of butter and a few drops of coconut oil has been found to boost cognitive function and keep you going for several hours.

6. Work From A Coffee Shop For An Hour

A new environment will boost creativity and concentration levels at work. Take some headphones just in case things get a little noisy.

7. Drink Water From A Bottle With A Hydration Tracker

Dehydration causes fatigue, so drinking water throughout the day will enable you to focus more. Make one with a marker pen, drawing on the bottle the quantity and time you should drink.

8. Work Whilst Standing Up

Standing whilst working boosts brain power and puts you in a better mood. In one 7-week study, participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue. Try working from a shelf or window sill.

9. Listen To Unfamiliar Music

Results from five experiments demonstrates that modern ambient noise enhances performance. Select “recommended for you” playlist on Spotify.

10. Work by A Window

Studies show that working in natural light is associated with increased job performance. Open up the binds or work next to a window.

11. Keep A Bottle Of Peppermint Oil On Your Desk

The aroma of peppermint oil gives a quick boost to alertness. Rub some on your wrists so you can smell the aroma when needed.

So, if you didn’t get enough sleep or are overworked, try these tips. They’ll help you to stay focused and productive till home time comes and you can get right back in bed.