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Welcome to The Geek Tricks – A technology blog primarily focused to day to day technology hacks and how-to guides, basics/advanced tips and tricks on various topics such as gadgets and gears, apps, and softwares.

How Did We Start?

The Geek Tricks was started back in February 2015 as a small experiment by Nikhil Agrawal, the current chief editor. After a break for few months, The Geek Tricks came back with proper and more structured how-to guides and tutorials related to technology and consumer electronics.

Apart from covering about smartphones and tablets, we do talk about various computer, software and apps tips and tricks which will make your internet life faster and easier.

What You Will Find On The Geek Tricks?

  • Latest tips and hacks related to smartphones (Android and iOS).
  • Complete “How-To” on WordPress related problems and bugs.
  • Exclusive deals and discounts updates.

Eager to know what’s in store for you all? You have the best options to keep yourself updated.

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