All You Really Need To Understand Regarding LetsGiveItASpin

Nearly any casino enthusiast loves to watch other players spin slot machines. LetsGiveItASpin, who made videos for over 5 years, is one of YouTube’s most popular gaming channels.

His Twitch channel, which draws thousands of live viewers on each stream, is also known. In this post, we will tell you all about LetsGiveItASpin that you need to know.  He’s a Swedish man called Kim Hultman running LetsGiveItASpin channel. He was born in central Sweden in the little village of Smålandsstenar. He is a former poker player who still likes to play slots and make bets.

In November 2015 Kim launched his channel, making him a casino industry veteran. Kim’s channel at first was not very successful because only once or twice a week did he upload videos. Kim currently has over 64,000 YouTube subscribers and over 35,000,000 views. You can watch more than 150 of them while he is trying to upload more videos. Since LetsGiveItASpin is currently being streamed, the total number of Twitch subscribers is over 54,000.

The Beginning

Kim was on the whole topic of play poker from the start to Kim ‘s career in 2015. This is why when he created his YouTube channel he had already some fans supporting him. His first videos barely lasted 1-2 minutes and revealed his greatest improvements in multiple slots. As the public expanded, Kim became part of the streaming community CasinoGrounds. Later, LetsGiveItASpin built a Twitch channel of its own, making him extremely popular. Hundreds watched him, watching him play various slots.

It mostly happened due to his sense of humour and open-ended nature. It knew how to draw the attention of the people, which is why it quickly became famous. Kim is an average guy, not really trying to mask anything from his followers. He has his own Twitter profile where he regularly posts his opinion on different slots. You can see that Kim has around 5,000 subscribers and this figure grows gradually. LetsGiveItASpin willingly shares everything that happens in his life with his followers.

You can read his ideas on the political condition, for example, and quickly figure out what his favourite dishes are. Nevertheless, the rest of his articles deal with games and tips. When Kim became more popular, he created Instagram and Facebook pages to be in touch with his fans. There, he posts different memes, videos about slots, and a lot of other interesting stuff. When LetsGiveItASpin discovered the scale of his fan base, his own website was launched. He also wanted to make money on his passion by selling T-shirts in his online shop.

One T-shirt‘s average price is $18.49. When it leaves the shop and goes to you, it is possible to track your package. Many fans of Kim began accusing him of being too selfish and covetous. But it’s far from true since LetsGiveItASpin has proved to be a humble man who enjoys what he’s doing time and time against.

LetsGiveItASpin Video Type Channel Types

As Kim has more than 150 videos, they can be subdivided into multiple groups. Types of Videos on LetsGiveItASpin ‘s channel And if they’re all fun to see from the foot. He focuses primarily on playing slots, and the following videos are subdivided: the big casino wins. The latest highlights of the casino. Hunting bonus. Live games casino. All such videos are designed to entertain people because they don’t last too long. More than that, even when recorded in a video, its subscribers like to see Kim’s real emotions.

Nevertheless, most of the fans choose to see his Twitch channel because its streams are more entertaining. LetsGiveItASpin is also an immense blackjack and roulette enthusiast. During live sessions, most videos in this category are recorded. It means that Kim‘s fans have the ability to see him reflect and decide live.

Also here when he plays poker, you can find Kim’s video. Unfortunately, only three of them are accessible because LetsGiveItASpin no longer worries about All these videos were released back in 2016 when he just began his YouTube career. You can view his vlogs to see what he does apart from playing games if you are interested in the daily life of LetsGiveItaSpin.


This video doesn’t last long but from the title, you can understand. It was released in August 2016 with nearly eight hundred thousand views. He played the slot called Dead Book and got SEK 32,000 (about USD 3,500). Although he only had around SEK 200 in his initial budget he was fortunate enough to win. As you see, there is everything about entertainment in the most popular videos. Fans of Kim want to watch him win major victories. Around the same time, many spectators are fascinated and tend to observe his vlogs in his everyday life. People get excited and experience positive emotions on their channel. His fans are more than pleased with his content, LetsGiveItASpin is doing his best to achieve that.

Scandals Connected with LetsGiveItASpin Just like many other online casino streamers, Kim is accused of playing with fake money. There is also some analysis in various casino forums in which people debate whether or not that is real. Many of his viewers have doubts as LetsGiveItASpin normally places big bets. Another explanation for such controversies is that by making five euro bets, he aims to make thousands of euros. Everything began when people saw Kim playing just at LeoVegas.

In other words, anytime you see a streamer on your partner platform, it seems suspicious. He encourages every stream of this casino and does so in an open manner. Many of his spectators know that when a stream is over, he will even get his money back. There is no evidence, however, that this is true. LetsGiveItASpin never was seen playing fake cash, unlike many other streamers. He plays in a licenced casino and his emotions are totally real.