As the post title suggests, you might be thinking who is Rudy Huyn? So, let me give you a quick intro about Rudy Huyn. He is a French developer for Windows Phone and an avid Microsoft MVP, whose apps have been downloaded over 15 million times. And the best part of the Huyn’s effort is that it looks his plans is to bring new official and best Windows Phones apps for the users.

Ryan has made a name for himself by developing unofficial apps for various services, like 6tag for (Instagram), 6snap for (Snapchat), 6sec for (Vine) and many more.

So, following are some of the Best Windows Phone Apps by Ryan Huyn, which will surely enhance and boost your Windows Phone experience.

Tip: Some of the below-mentioned apps may not available in your region. So, you can change your phone region from the Settings > Region menu, and then restart your phone to install the apps.

1. 6sec:


Publisher: Rudy Huyn

Download: Click Here

App Category: Social

Description: 6Sec is a full Vine client app (comprising upload feature) for Windows Phone.

Details: 6Sec for Vine is the finest way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, twisting Vine videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

2. Fuse:


Publisher: Rudy Huyn

Download: Click Here

App Category: News & Weather

Description: Fuse is a rich news reader app developed solely for Windows Phone.

Details: Fuse helps you to browse all your favorites’ feeds in a gorgeously designed app. Fuse features three unique and attractive themes and lightning-fast performance, it will be your perfect and crucial companion for your Windows Phone.

3. GContacts:


Publisher: Rudy Huyn

Download: Click Here

App Category: Social

Description: GContacts is the first app to sync your Google contacts with your Windows Phone.

Details: Google recently announced the end of the contacts synchronization with your phone. GContacts is now the perfect companion for your phone to synchronize your contacts Google with the native app: people hub.

The application will therefore, connect with Google’s servers to download your contacts and synchronize the following information for free: Full Name, Phone Number, email. The premium version will also sync Photos, Postal Address, Birthday, Website, Company Name and Position, Notes and can use a background agent to frequently synchronize your contacts. After synchronization, you will find all your contacts in the native Contacts application.

4. 6tag:


Publisher: Rudy Huyn

Download: Click Here

App Category: Social

Description: 6tag is a featured Instagram app for Windows Phone.

Details: It is a full featured Instagram app for Windows Phone, which helps users to upload pictures and videos on Instagram, apply filters, tag friends, view posts on a map, etc. The app offers several elegant and custom built filter effects to customize photos and share it on Instagram.

5. SquareO:


Publisher: Rudy Huyn

Download: Click Here

App Category: Puzzle & Trivia

Description: SquarO is a single-player game with a touch of Sudoku and Minesweeper. You don’t need an internet connection to play the game. You can play SquarO for just a few minutes whenever, wherever you want to.

Details: SquarO is a single-player game with a touch of Sudoku and Minesweeper, which major goal is to find the correct numbers to add up to exact match the number in the middle of that square. Each circle needs a number from 0-4 which have to add up to the number in the middle.

As you get one square right, you might mess up another square. It’s easy to get started, but you’ll swiftly want to progress to higher levels to scratch your brain… hours of fun.

So, these were some of the Best Windows Phone Apps designed by Rudy Hyun. Fore more details visit Rudy’s official blog.