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All Brands DSLR Camera Price in Nepal With Price List

All Brands DSLR Camera Price in Nepal With Price List
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Since Sony, Nikon, Canon, and FUJIFILM cameras have garnered substantial popularity in Nepal, here we have listed all the SonyCanonNikon, and FUJIFILM cameras available in Nepal along with their latest price.

Sony Camera Price in Nepal

Sony Camera Model Price in Nepal 
Sony ZV-1FNPR 80,000
Sony ZV-E10L NPR 126,000
Sony ZV-E1Coming Soon
Sony Alpha A6100NPR 99,000
Sony Alpha A6400  NPR 162,000
Sony Alpha A6400  NPR 192,000
Sony Alpha A6600 NPR 256,500
Sony Alpha A7 III NPR 261,000
Sony Alpha A7 IV NPR 342,000
Sony Alpha A7S IIINPR 490,500
Sony Alpha A7R IVNPR 445,000
Sony Alpha A7R V NPR 545,000

Canon Camera Price in Nepal  

Canon Camera ModelsPrice in Nepal
EOS 1500DNPR 59,999
EOS 200DNPR 84,999
EOS R50NPR 109,999
EOS M50 (Mark-II)NPR 129,999
EOS R10NPR 139,999
EOS 90DNPR 159,999
EOS R7NPR 199,999
EOS R8NPR 219,999
EOS 5D (Mark-IV)NPR 249,999
EOS R6 (Mark-II)NPR 349,999
EOS R5NPR 469,999
EOS R5CNPR 599,999
EOS R3NPR 799,999

Nikon Camera Price in Nepal

Nikon CameraPrice in Nepal
Nikon D3500Rs. 49,990
Nikon D5600Rs. 99,990
Nikon Z30Rs. 109,990
Nikon D7500Rs. 1,39,990
Nikon Z50Rs. 139,990
Nikon Z5 Rs. 179,990
Nikon Z6 IIRs. 2,49,990
Nikon D780 Rs. 2,79,990
Nikon D850Rs. 3,49,990
Nikon Z7 IIRs. 3,79,990
Nikon Z9Rs. 6,49,990

FUJIFILM Camera Price in Nepal

FujiFilm Camera ModelsPrice in Nepal
FUJIFILM X-S10 Mirrorless Camera199,999
FUJIFILM X-T5 Mirrorless Camera249,999
FUJIFILM X-H2 Mirrorless Camera299,999
FUJIFILM X-H2S Mirrorless Camera349,999
FUJIFILM GFX 50S II Mirrorless Camera599,999
FUJIFILM  Mirrorless Camera799,999

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