Have you setup Open Graph Meta tags in your WordPress themes and still not able to get the desired information in the Facebook post, which you share? Well, it might be for the reason that the OG Meta tags are not setup accurately.

In such situation, Facebook Open Graph Debugger Tool can be very beneficial as it scans your post content and deliver you the suggestions and warnings to fix what is mistaken.

How to fix Open Graph Meta Tags problems using Facebook Open Graph Debugger Tool

In this blog post, we are going to show how to use Facebook Open Graph Debugger Tool effectively to fix Open Graph Meta Tags issues. Just follow below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: First, open the Facebook Open Graph Debugger Tool.

Step 2: Enter the URL, which you want to debug.

Step 3: Click on “Debug”.

Fix Open Graph Meta Tags Issues

Step 4: After clicking “Debug,” you’d be able to see how Facebook understand your content. It would provide you the list of tags and warnings, which you can use to verify whether the (OG) open graph is displaying accurate information or not.

What these Facebook Open Graph Debugger Tool Result Means?

Warnings That Should Be Fixed:

Warnings That Should Be Fixed

These open graph warnings are not necessary to be fixed. This is just to inform what can be done to make the share more attractive, to gain good click-through rate (CTR) and more page views.

Raw open Graph Meta Tags:

Raw open Graph Meta Tags

Known as Open Graph Meta Tags, these code gets added into the head section of your webpage when you enable it into your website’s theme. You can see this info in the source code of the page or post. These Meta Tags help Facebook to understand your content.

Open Graph Properties:

Open Graph Properties

The information shown here is mainly fetched using Open Graph (OG) Meta tags. And based on the raw tags, the information is constructed and shown.

Share Preview:

Share Preview

This section demonstrates how the content would look like when it would be shared on Facebook. It’s the section that you have to verify to view the output. Whenever you fix any of the warnings in debugger tool, make sure to check the share preview to confirm the preferred output.