The Microsoft Office 2013 is packed with some cool features in it. And, Microsoft Word is the most used application from the Microsoft Office Suite. Today, we present the Top 5 Microsoft Word 2013 tips and tricks that will help you do your work in a simpler and easy way.

1. Collaborate in Simple Markup View:

The new Simple Markup View offers a clean, simple view of your document, but you still see markers where alterations and comments have been made.

Click on the vertical bar on the left side of the text to see modifications. Or click the comment icon on the right side and check out comments about the text.

2. Insert Online Pictures and Videos:

Insert Online Pictures Videos in MS Word 2013

MS Office 2013 users can easily add and play online videos inside their Word documents. Users can easily add pictures from online photo services without having to save them first on their computers. Click Insert > Online Video to add a video to the word document.

3. Edit PDF Content in MS Word:

Microsoft Word 2013 allows users to open PDFs and edit the content. Edit paragraphs, lists, and tables just like familiar MS Word documents. Tale the content and make it look beautiful.

In MS Word, click on File > Open and navigate to the PDF. Click Open to edit the content and read it more comfortably using the new Read Mode.

4. Enjoy The Read:

The MS Word 2013’s new Read Mode offers distraction-free reading experience. To enable Read Mode, click on View > Read Mode. While you’re there, try double clicking on a picture to get a closer view. Click outside the image to return to reading.

5. Get on the Cloud:

Alike other programs in the new Office suite, Microsoft Word 2013 is linked to the cloud. Microsoft’s cloud-based file storage service, OneDrive is now the default save location (you can also change that default location to save locally to your computer). Once you upload files on OneDrive, you can view them or make basic edits using the Word Web App via an Internet web browser.