How Click Fraud Can Affect Your Business

As a business owner, there is no shortage of obstacles that will land in your path. Some are merely small bumps in the road while others can be more substantial and require much more resources to remedy. At times it can get overwhelming to try to sort through the challenges, and identify which ones should be deemed as “pressing” and which can be moved to the back burner to be dealt with at a later date.

One of the issues a business can face is click fraud. Now, these may sound like buzz words or fancy tech lingo, but click fraud is a very real issue that many businesses are forced to deal with. But what’s the big deal? Why should click fraud get your attention and in fact be deemed as a pressing matter?

Let’s take a look at how click fraud can affect your business, and why you can’t just sit back and wait for results.

It Can Eat Up Your Digital Advertising Budget

Having a digital ad or marketing campaign is a must-have for any business today, regardless of the industry or the size of the company. Digital advertising has proven to be an incredibly effective and relatively low-cost way to reach potential customers. Not only that, it has provided ways to take advantage of targeted ad campaigns, which can be even more effective.

But what happens if you’re watching your advertising budget dwindle but you’re not seeing the ROI (return-on-investment) you had hoped for? Click fraud could be responsible.

Any company using PPC (pay-per-click) ads understands just how important it is to have the “right” people clicking on the ads. A fraudulent click happens when the ad is clicked on for malicious intent, meaning there is a desire to hurt your company rather than help it. The guilty party can even be the competition who want a leg up and do so by depleting your advertising budget. In most cases, though, the click fraud is conducted by bots.

You Can’t Count on Google to Find the Problem

You may also be of the mindset that Google will detect the malicious activity happening, but that’s just not the case. Watching your advertising budget drain and feeling like the situation is completely out of control can leave a company feeling helpless. It’s for that reason that software has been created to help prevent this kind of fraud from occurring.

If you’ve spent the time to research PPC Protect vs ClickCease software with the aim of putting a stop to click fraud, then there’s a good chance your company is already in pretty deep. This is why ClickGUARD is the preferred choice of many as its features far outweigh that of the competition. Time is of the essence when detecting and stopping click fraud, and the features and tools that ClickGUARD offers take this into account.

At the end of the day, click fraud is something that needs to be taken very seriously and acted on in a timely manner so that the effects are minimal at most.