How to Beat the Bad Weather: Best Board Games for Mobile

Board games have been around for generations.  Classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, and Battleships may have been given a refreshing makeover in terms of color and style but the rules and layouts have remained largely the same.  Now there’s a coterie of super cool board games that have been pimped and primed for the digital platform.

Along with an infinite selection of high-tech video games and intricately animated online casino games, mobile board games are what smart people play when the wild weather settles in.

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to while away a few hours in your day – and interact with your BFFs or an enthusiastic community of total strangers – here are four best-selling card and board games that’ll have you glued to the small screen:

Card Thief

Card Thief is a superlative digital card game with stealth at its heart.  It’s a solo sneak and snatches game that’s got a deep tactical layer built in.  There are four unique heists that you have to pull off without getting caught by scary protagonists with menacing eyes.

When you do get away with a stash of loot, you’ll unlock an arsenal of in-game rewards in the form of equipment upgrades that allow you to pinch, pillage and plunder like a proverbial pro.

In the oh so collectible Card Thief app you’ll have access to a dark and gloomy manor house with rickety stairs, a tightly guarded castle with ramparts that reach into the sky and two other lucrative locations populated by unique enemies and hidden traps.

It pays to be on the lookout for salivating dogs with razor-sharp fangs, sly-looking guards with notoriously light fingers and enigmatic cloaked characters with shining eyes!

The award-winning Card Thief app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is available at the respective app stores.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a fabulously funny digital card game that combines the confounding popularity of cats with humor, creativity and the conventional – and always deadly – a game of Russian roulette.

It’s available in single player and multiplayer modes and once you’ve fired up the game engines on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll meet crafty little felines with big bulbous eyes that go by the names of TocoCat, Kitt-E, Clawborg, Toaster Cat and the rather repulsive Diarrhea Kitty – to name but a few.

Gameplay is fast and highly-strategic.  When you draw an Exploding Kitten, you have one opportunity to defuse the poor pussy by playing a belly rub, catnip or laser point card… or you and your kitty will explode instead.  The other cards in the deck can be used to move, mitigate or avoid the Exploding Kittens so that you are the only player left standing.

According to the developers, Exploding Kitten is the Number One app in the App Store worldwide… so we strongly suggest you hurry to the Google Play or iOS App stores and dip into the runaway smash hit!

Dungeons & Dragons Lords of Waterdeep

D&D Lords of Waterdeep is a brilliantly designed multiplayer resource acquisition game that has all the features required for a compelling mobile gaming experience.  You and your fellow players are guild leaders in the constantly growing City of Splendours!

The aim of the board game is to complete quests in exchange for points.  The more clerics, wizards, warriors, and rogues you have in your corner, the easier it is to achieve your goals.

With a partially animated map, evocative audio and stunning graphics, Lords of Waterdeep is more than a mobile board game… it’s a multi-layered work of art that has plenty of scheming and strategizing built in.

A new addition to the mobile version of the game is the Undermountain and Scoundrels of Skullport expansions, the latter of which introduces a new resource model in the form of Corruption into play.  You’ll discover brand new quests, tools and intrigue cards to enhance the game’s x-factor!

You can download the D&D Lords of Waterdeep app now at the respective app stores.


The digital version of the best-selling board game is a 3D dynamo with an extensive range of expansions to keep you and your buddies suitably entertained.  Your task is to help build the city of Carcassonne by strategically placing tiles on a map to create features and earn you points.

Along with maintaining a contiguous building pattern and protecting your territory by placing meeples – knights, robbers and farmers – on your in-game construction, the idea is to scupper the other players’ ability to build roads, erect abbeys, and castles and create an expansive landscape befitting of greater Carcassonne.

Although gameplay may sound simple and straightforward, a fair bit of foul play and strategizing can help your cause.  You can, for example, claim features from other players by craftily connecting them up to one of yours!

Carcassonne is available in multiplayer mode and a nifty single-player versus AI mode, where you pit your skills against the app’s Artificial Intelligence.  Aside from the conventional game, there are five expansions that allow you to expand the landscape and maximize your points scoring ability.

Two different versions of the Carcassonne app are available for iOS and Android.  The Carcassonne classic boardgame app can be downloaded at the App store, while the advanced 3D Carcassonne: Official Boardgame – Tiles and Tactics is available at the Google Play Store.


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