LeEco (formerly Letv) has released eUI 5.5.008S update for its Superphone, Letv Le 1S on 25th of February, 2016 to show off some of the improvements and enhancements. Here in this blog post, I’ll show you both the methods online via OTA (Over-the-Air) and offline method to upgrade Le 1S to eUI 5.5.

The most notable addition in this latest software update is the Smart Battery for Apps function and reduced phone heating.

What’s New in eUI 5.5 update for Letv Le 1S?

  1. Added user-defined functions to the smart power saving: Settings > Battery > Smart battery for apps.
  2. Fixed the issue where no notification was sent when receiving new WhatsApp messages.
  3. Reduced phone heating.
  4. Fixed the issue where the time of Yahoo Weather was not updated.
  5. Fixed the issue where information loading failed and caused My LeEco to stop running after logging in.
  6. Fixed the issue where the automatically identified prefix and the displayed country code were repetitive when signing up for an account.
  7. Fixed the issue where clicking an Excel attachment didn’t respond in an email message.
  8. Fixed the issue where the “Clean now” button was wrongly displayed in the multi-task interface when the system language was set to English.
  9. Fixed the issue where changing system language would cause an error with carrier name.
  10. Reduced photo redness.
  11. Fixed the issue where Contacts and Call stopped running.


How To Upgrade Letv Le 1S to eUI 5.5 via OTA

For those #SuperPhone Le 1S owners out there with OTA notifications enabled, they have probably already seen the prompt to download eUI 5.5. And for those without notifications enabled, you can go to your handset Home Screen > System Tools > System Update and load the new software onto your smartphone.

How To Upgrade Letv Le 1S to eUI 5.5 Offline

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to update Letv Le 1S to eUI 5.5.008S offline.

Letv Le 1S eUI 5.5.008S Package Details:

  • Release Date: 24-02-2016
  • Size: 1.1GB
  • Package: S1_x500-OS-OP-DHXOSOP5500802191S-5.5.008S (.zip)

Letv Le 1S eUI 5.5 Download

Step-by-step tutorial to upgrade Le 1S to eUI 5.5 Offline

Step 1: Download the above-mentioned software update package to your PC and rename it as “update”.

Step 2: Connect your Le 1S smartphone to PC via USB Type-C cable.

Step 3: Go to My Computer > Click Le 1S > Phone Storage.

Step 4: Drag and drop the downloaded update.zip file to the root directory of the smartphone.

Step 5: Now safely eject the smartphone from your PC.

Step 6: On your phone, go to Settings > Local Update > Continue.

Step-by-step tutorial to upgrade Le 1S to eUI 5.5 Offline

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