It’s necessary you have an app that knows and manages your smartphone for you; and when it’s your Apple iPhone you definitely need the best. iFile is one of the top 10 recommended apps for iPhone. iFile is a file manager with capabilities to email, edit, copy, cut, paste, delete, rename, view, compress, uncompress, install and transfer files. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing about how to download iFile without Jailbreak on iPhone. But, before that let’s see what are the key features of iFile.

Features of iFile:

  • Integrated File Browser with support for
  • Creation, deletion, copy, cut (move), paste or zipping of multiple files or directories at once
  • Renaming of files or directories
  • Bookmarking of files and folders
  • Searching files hierarchically
  • Emailing of one or more files with Apple MobileMail
  • Editing of text files, HTML files, and property list files
  • Editing of file attributes (name, owner, group, permission, modification date)
  • File passing to other AppStore apps
  • Opening of files of various file types from other apps in iFile
  • Open up to 8 file browser tabs
  • Full integration of an FTP client
  • Full integration of Dropbox
  • Integrated web server with download and upload capability
  • File transfer via Bluetooth to iFile on another device
  • Installation of Debian packages (deb), and many more.

How to Download iFile Without Jailbreak on iPhone

Since, iFile is not available in the App Store; you might find some difficulty in downloading and installing it on your iPhone if it’s not jailbroken. Don’t worry, if your smartphone is not jailbroken, it’s OK!

Download iFile without Jailbreak on iPhone

Here in this blog post, I’ve mentioned the entire simple process to download iFile without Jailbreak on your iPhone. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: This step is for those whose iPhones are without Jailbreak. You have to do a minor tweak with your iPhone settings. You have to change the date on your iPhone to a month or a year back. For example: if today is 03–02–2015, then change it to 03–01–2015.

Note: You can change the date to original date and time once you finish the installation of iFile on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open Safari or another web browser like Google Chrome.

Step 3: Open this link in your browser:

Step 4: A new window will be opened, and you’ll find a Download Link. Download it and within a few moment, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Click on Install to start the installation.

Step 5: Depending on your connection, iFile should start installing. After the installation, go to your phone home screen and you will find the iFile icon. Tap and open iFile and that’s it. It’s ready to manage your files for you.

This is all on How to download iFile without jailbreak on iPhone. If you have any question regarding this blog post, do let me know by using on the comment box below.