The rise in global health conditions continues to impact the economy, and salespersons face challenges in their work every day. Sales professionals are concerned about economic uncertainty; however, they can adapt to the changing times and continue working.

Positioning and equipping your sales team to deliver impressive results in the midst of the changing business environment can be challenging. It requires you to utilize a remote sales training program that equips your sales team in the UAE to provide effective services and positive customer experiences.

Advantages of a Virtual Sales Team

Virtual teams can be as effective as office teams, and they can perform various tasks. Virtual teams don’t have to be present in one location, but they provide a global talent pool. The team doesn’t have to be in one location, so you can hire people from any location.

Virtual teams are more cost-effective compared to an in-office team. You don’t have to spend money on transport costs, WIFI, electricity, etc. Most sales teams work from home, which is cost-effective for them and the company.

It’s easy to manage a virtual team because they are readily available and don’t have to converge to a particular location for meetings or briefings. Virtual workers are happier compared to those who are always in the office. They save on transport costs and have time to spend with their loved ones.

Equipping Your Team for Virtual Selling

How to Equip Your Team for Virtual Selling

It is necessary to stay ahead of your competition every day. How do you connect with your customers virtually and provide effective services?

Here are ways to equip your team for virtual selling;

1. Change Your Sales Approach

Virtual selling requires you to use different strategies for creating demand, creating and maintaining relationships, and showing value. You should also change your methods to stand out of the crowd and stay ahead of your competition and to lead your customers through the sales procedure.

2. Focus on Delivering Useful Content

Working virtually increases digital engagement between the team and its customers. It would help if you always strived to provide crisp, useful, and informative content. Corporate training Dubai programs equip you with knowledge on how to engage with your clients virtually.

Encourage your team to utilize visual aids like pictures, infographics, and videos to boost interaction and lead to positive outcomes. Provide useful and honest information on your website.

3. Change Your Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is more significant in a virtual selling environment. Apart from their personal thought leadership that every team member has to deliver, the team has to utilize other tools, like videos, articles, and whitepapers for reference. The tools help your team to reserve, follow-up, and uphold the momentum of the sales process. Ensure that your team is aware of which tools to utilize and when to use them in the sales process.

4. Communication

Effective communication is essential for both in-office and remote teams. Interaction should be relevant, relatable, and forthcoming. To achieve this, focus on training your team on skills of human engagements and effective communication.

Corporate training Dubai programs equip leaders with the values and skills needed to make important decisions for the company and staff. With the rise in automated and digital environments, there is increased value for superior customer experience through human connections.

5. Choose Your Meeting Platform

Most successful companies use a single online meeting platform. Ensure that all the team members know how to use and navigate this system to do various things. It is also necessary to use the most useful technology for your virtual team.

The technology should be accessible to every member, have high-quality sound and images, and be easy to send and receive messages and alerts. You should feel as if you are in the same office. Virtual meetings are important to keep the team updated and discuss different solutions.

6. Using Social Platforms

There’s no doubt that social media platforms can help you build a client base and increase sales. However, you need to train your team to use the correct platform to reach prospective customers and clients.

There is no use of spending your time and energy on Pinterest when your potential clients are on LinkedIn. Although some platforms like Facebook have millions of users, it doesn’t mean you should use it blindly.

7. Focus on Building Trust

Teach your virtual team the importance of building relationships with clients and customers. Many customers, especially those who interact with virtual sellers, value transparency; they need somebody they can trust.

Each team member should provide useful and honest information about products and services. The virtual seller should provide adequate information and enlighten the buyer about the products. 

Although some companies have been selling their products and services online, it can be overwhelming to introduce this procedure to some virtual teams. Virtual selling can be effective if you use the right technology and soft skills like effective communication and other interpersonal skills.