How To Select The Right Cloud Computing Provider

When you want to move your business information to the cloud, you need to make sure that you have found a company that satisfies all the criteria below. There are a few things that explain how the company provides you the storage, how they offer service, and how they protect your data. When you find a company that does everything you need, you can migrate to a cloud that is optimized for your business.

Ask The Company About Their Certifications

Oracle cloud consulting by CSS is certified to handle cloud storage and security. You need to know if the host you have selected will provide you with quality cloud services that are safe. When the company has a certification badge on their website, you can click on that badge to learn about the company that certified them. You can do the same when reading about their security provider.

Do They Have A Helpdesk?

The company you choose should have a helpdesk that can provide you with instant service in most cases. Ask the cloud company if they have a phone number you can call, an email that offers direct access to the helpdesk team, or a live chat window on their website. Every cloud company is a little bit different, and you need to know if their helpdesk works well for you.

Ask If Your Storage Space Can Expand

The storage space you have been offered though the cloud should be expandable at any time. When you are using expandable storage space, you can grow your company without spending a lot of extra money to do so. You only have so much money set aside for hosting, and you should make sure that your service contract allows for expansion for little to no charge. You should not be made to order new servers or defray the cost of equipment for your cloud provider.

How Is Security Maintained?

There should be a security program watching over your data at all times. However, that very same security program should send you alerts when there are issues with your data. The host will receive these alerts, and they will handle the problem as quickly as possible. If you are not receiving security alerts, you could find out about a security breach days after it happens.

Check The Company’s Reviews

You can check the company’s reviews online, and you should read about how they deliver service, how they handle security, and how much they charge. If the reviews point to dishonesty or slow service, you should choose another hosting firm. Plus, you need to know if the company updates their systems often. A company that is using the same technology it used last year is not keeping up with the market.

Check The Company’s Credit Score

You can check a company’s credit score online to find out if they are financially healthy. When a company is not financially healthy, you will pay more money. A company that is doing well financially can charge you lower prices, and these very same companies can afford to hire enough staff to offer you good service. This simple web search will tell you quite a lot about the company.


Find a cloud computing company that can provide you with security, storage space, and the service you deserve. If you believe that the company is offering you the best service for the best price, you can sign up for their service right away. If you have questions about how the company delivers their services, you should research other companies as you compare their hosting packages.

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