Are you still using an iPhone that isn’t as quick as it used to be? The interface appears more slothful; apps take longer than usual to open and run – it just don’t remain the device you remember. Maybe it’s due to poor performance speed of your iPhone, but believe me, there is nothing to worry about. This problem can be quickly sorted out using some techniques, which we can use to boost up iPhone performance.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S user. Every single iPhone holder can subsidy from these speed tips for lazy iPhone if you’re not pleased with the way it’s running.

Tips to Boost up iPhone Performance Speed

Following are some of the tips/tricks that will turn your iPhone to the same level what it was when you owned it.

1. Clear out all useless apps that lodge lot of space

If your iPhone cabins lots of unwanted and heavy apps, then it’s assuredly going to end up with poor iPhone performance. The more stuffed your iPhone is, the slower it’s going to run. So, it’s compulsory to ditch all the inessential apps from your iPhone. And if you want to know how much space a single application on your iPhone is allocating then Go to Setting >> General >> Usage.

The screen shows only the ten bulkiest apps; just scroll down and tap Show all Apps for a widespread list of your apps and their storage space.

2. Turn off Automatic App Update feature

If you feel lazy to update apps on your iPhone manually, and take Automatic App Update feature in action to successfully update all your apps on your handset, then it may also slow down your iPhone performance. So, it will be good enough if you shut down Automatic app update feature and choose manual app update as your primary option for updating your essential apps.

To make this change Go to your iPhone Settings >> iTunes & App Store >> Automatic Downloads >> Switch slider to Off Mode.

3. Freeing up RAM

If you want to give a boost to your iPhone performance speed, then you must initially close down all the apps, which are running in the background. It will not only help you to boost of your iPhone’s performance but also helps in carrying out heavy tasks via other applications.

Once Senior Director of Consumer Mobile and IT Electronics – Francis Sideco said, “They could use up RAM, and just like any other computers, it could slow down the way it actually runs.”

4. Reallocate your iPhone’s memory

60% of total iPhone’s poor performance speed is due to a clash with its memory. So, it’s better to relocate your iPhone’s memory. In a report from MacWorld, it’s said that Battery Doctor App can show you how fast your smartphone is running. So, to carry on the relocating process, download Battery Doctor App from Apple Store and if you find that your iPhone is running darn slow then tap on the Reallocate Memory button. It will distribute the memory in your phone resulting high-performance speed of your iPhone.

5. Delete Unnecessary Images from Gallery

Deleting old and unwanted files and data from the phone’s memory is one of the best ways to boost up your iPhone’s performance speed. If you have captured the hundreds of snaps on your iPhone, then it may slow down your iPhone speed. It’s suggested to syncing those images to your PC or backing them up through iCloud and make some space on your iPhone’s memory for better results.

6. Turn down the Graphics to speed up iPhone Performance

It’s better for iOS 6 users to skip this step, as it only relates to iOS 7 and plus, which is acquainted with some elegant visual effects.

Turn of Motion. Tap on Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion & set Reduce Motion to On. This will help to turn off the parallax effect of icons and alerts.

Increase Contrast. Tap on Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Increase Contrast & set Increase Contrast to On. This will help to disable the see-through background effects. It’ll not only save the battery life but also speeds up iPhone’s performance?