OPPO Launches Global Version of ColorOS 12 Based on Android 12

OPPO today officially announced the all-new ColorOS 12 operating system for its global users. Aiming to provide its users a seamless experience closer to stock Android 12, ColorOS 12 introduces an all-new inclusive UI, smoother performance, and rich features that help boost your everyday productivity and help achieve better work-life balance.

With this launch, OPPO officially rolls out ColorOS 12 public beta to its global users, becoming one of the first OEMs to run on Android 12. Coming first on Find X3 Pro in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, OPPO plans to expand to more models covering more countries and regions in the coming months.

Having its presence across 68 countries, touching the lives of 440 million users worldwide, Inclusivity has been a central theme in the creation of ColorOS 12. Building on top of OPPO’s Infinite Design concept, which is lightweight, clean and richly, and very customizable, the new OS provides a more inclusive experience and comes packed with softer icons, animations, and information framework that are friendly to different languages and cultures, and an adaptable framework with varying formats of the phone.

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Smoother, Seamless Experience Powering Greater Productivity

Giving users a smooth, seamless experience has been at the core of OPPO R&D and Innovation, and the new ColorOS 12 emphasizes both –comfort and endurance. Thanks to the long-term code decoupling efforts, ColorOS 12 has made some achievements in addressing lags and stutters after prolonged usage, especially in anti-fragmentation and intelligent resource allocation, leading to a low 2.75% system aging rate in 3 years, an average of 30% lower memory occupation and 20% lower battery consumption.

OPPO ColorOS 12 visual

Catering to your visual intuitiveness, the Quantum Animation Engine adopts more than 300 improved animations to achieve lifelike-animated effects. In addition, by imitating physical habits of resistance, inertia, and rebound, the feature makes the overall experience smoother and more aligned to the cognition and practices of the human brain so that the experience is more realistic and intuitive.

Practical features such as PC Connect, 3-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens, FlexDrop, and Phone Manager allow ColorOS 12 users to stay productive through multiple scenarios.

Prioritized Privacy: Cutting the gimmicks and focusing on the basics

OPPO has been listening to its user feedback and prioritizing privacy on ColorOS. As a result, the ColorOS 12 not only comes packed with all the improved security and privacy features from Android 12, including Privacy Dashboards, Approximate Location Sharing and Microphone, and Camera Indicators, which empowers users to be the masters of their privacy with clear, visualized menus and buttons; but also keeping the well-received features developed within the OPPO team, such as Private System, Private Safe, App Lock, and others.

Being aware that privacy to users is all about keeping transparency, OPPO has been improving data compliance through storage and process. With servers deployed in multiple locations worldwide, OPPO guarantees that user data stays in the nearby servers, which is saved in a non-plain text format and transmitted using a proprietary protocol.

Holding privacy certifications from authoritative organizations such as ePrivacy and ISO27001, the company deploys a third-party supervisor in the data security field to ensure everyday process compliance.

Sharing the common value of a healthy mutual exchange with our Android partners and contributing to building a culture of openness and technological exchange to enhance both platforms, while ColorOS has incorporated many stock Android features, similarly, ColorOS has inspired the customizable trend in Android 12, like the Wallpaper-based Theming system in Material You, which you would be able to find a similar self-developed feature in previous ColorOS editions. Another fine example of this exchange is the App Cloner from ColorOS that now features Android 12.

OPPO’s ColorOS aims to become a more Android developer-friendly OS. In addition to the free camera SDKs covering OPPO’s most advantageous camera capabilities, including Ultra Steady Video Shooting, HDR, Super Wide-Angle, etc. OPPO has further opened its HyperBoost, Color Vision Enhancement to benefit Android app developers and enhance the Android ecosystem.

ColorOS 12 Rollout Plan

ColorOS 12 Based On Android 12 Global Rollout Plan

OPPO will first roll out ColorOS 12 public beta today in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia on the OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G. Rollouts will then continue step-by-step in other countries and on additional devices through the rest of 2021 and 2022. The company aims to bring ColorOS 12 to over 110 models with 150 million users.