All Brands Smartwatch Price in Nepal With Price List

All Brands Smartwatch Price in Nepal With Price List
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In this smartwatch price in Nepal category, we have listed all smartwatches, fitness trackers, and fitness band models officially available in Nepal from different companies. Alongside their latest price. The wearable space is one of the most rapidly growing segments in the consumer electronics industry right now.

And that effect can be seen in Nepal as well since a lot of wearable brands have entered the Nepali market in the past couple of years. Some are mostly focused on offering affordable smartwatches, while established brands have broadened their product lineup too. You can buy the following smartwatches from Hukut Store, Daraz, Sastodeal, or other trusted e-commerce platforms.

Apple Watch Price in Nepal

Apple is among the most trusted brands in the smartwatch world when it comes to health and fitness tracking. The company has primarily divided its wearable lineup into two: the Watch Series and a relatively more affordable Watch Series SE. While “relatively more affordable” is technically correct for the Watch Series SE in the Western markets, they still cost upward of Rs. 40,000 here in Nepal which is generally reserved for the flagship category.

Both these lineups offer fluid performance and reliable health and fitness measures. But Apple Watches are notorious for their sub-par battery endurance. So to address the battery life situation while simultaneously also trying to lure professional endurance athletes, it recently launched the Apple Watch Ultra as well. While you may also find 2017’s Watch Series 3 in limited stock in Nepal, we’d suggest getting a newer model instead by upping your budget. That’s because not only does it lack a bunch of crucial health tracking abilities, it doesn’t support the latest watchOS 9 platform either.

Apple Watch ModelPrice in Nepal
Apple Watch Series 8 (41 / 45mm)Coming soon
Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation)Coming soon
Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm)Rs. 69,600
Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm) – Nike EditionRs. 69,600
Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm)Rs. 64,900
Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm) – Nike EditionRs. 64,900
Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm)Rs. 56,500
Apple Watch SE (44mm)Rs. 54,100
Apple Watch SE (40mm)Rs. 49.200
Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm)Rs. 32,100

Samsung Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Okay, while the Apple Watch Series is pretty much the go-to option for iOS users, those in the Android ecosystem get to pick from a wide variety of options. And in this crowd, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup ranks among the best with its elegant mixture of attractive design, intuitive software, and all health and fitness monitoring abilities. Samsung Nepal is quick enough to launch the latest Galaxy watches in time as well. As such, the new Galaxy Watch 5 series takes its rightful crown as the best Android smartwatch available.

This lineup consists of the regular Galaxy Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro; the latter of which is geared toward outdoor sports enthusiasts. Both of them run on the Wear OS 3 platform which is co-developed by Samsung and Google. So while the previous generations of Samsung smartwatches (Galaxy Watch 3 or older) ran on Tizen OS which famously lacked Google Play support, you can install your favorite Google apps here. With that in mind, you’re better off skipping the Galaxy Watch 3 or Watch Active 2 which are still available in Nepal in limited quantity.

Samsung Galaxy Watch ModelPrice in Nepal
Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (45mm)Rs. 64,999
Galaxy Watch 5 (44mm)Rs. 44,999
Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm)Rs. 39,999
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm)Rs. 49,999
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (42mm)Rs. 46,999
Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm)Rs. 36,999
Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm)Rs. 34,999
Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm)Rs. 52,799
Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm)Rs. 41,999

Amazfit (Zepp) Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Moving on, Amazfit is also a popular smartwatch brand in Nepal. It offers everything from budget fitness trackers and smartwatches to high-end ones too. And they’re compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Besides the price itself, you can also choose from different types of Amazfit smartwatches. Whether you want a basic timepiece, something rugged for outdoor adventures, a proper flagship smartwatch, or something that’s fashion-focused, Amazfit has it all. And here in Nepal, the company is most famous for its budget Bip series and the mid-tier, premium GTS / GTR lineup of smartwatches.

Here, the GTS and GTR series almost share an identical spec sheet; except for their form factor and display, battery size. If you’re a fan of round dials, then the GTR watches are for you. Whereas those who prefer Apple Watch’s square design can get the GTS smartwatch instead. As for the luxury pieces from Amazfit, they’re mostly grouped under the “Zepp” branding. In terms of software, newer models run on Amazift’s “Zepp OS” which brings significant upgrades in the fluidity and battery department. It even supports a bunch of third-party apps.

Amazfit Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Amazfit GTR 4 / GTS 4Rs. 31,000
Amazfit Zepp ZRs. 48,000
Amazfit GTR 3 Pro (Limited Edition)Rs. 29,500
Amazfit GTR 3 ProRs. 28,499
Amazfit GTR 3 / GTS 3Rs. 22.499
Amazfit T-Rex ProRs. 21,999
Amazfit GTR 2 / GTS 2 (New Version)Rs. 20,500
Amazfit Zepp E (Circle / Square)Rs. 16,000
Amazfit GTS 2eRs. 15,499
Amazfit X-EclipseRs. 14,999
Amazfit GTS 4 MiniRs. 11,700
Amazfit GTS 2 Mini (New Version)Rs. 10,499
Amazfit Bip 3 ProRs. 8,500
Amazfit Bip 3Rs. 6,500

Huawei Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Like Amazfit, Huawei is yet another popular name in the smartwatch industry. And similar to Amazfit, Huawei has its own wearable operating system as well. Its older version, called “LiteOS” was pretty feature-rich, but ultimately fell behind the competition like Google’s Wear OS and Apple’s watchOS when it comes to UI/UX fluidity and more. However, Huawei has started using the new “HarmonyOS” in its latest smartwatches (e.g. the Watch GT 3 series) which offers much better performance overall. Other than proprietary software, the company also mostly uses its in-house Kirin chip to power these smartwatches.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of circular watch dials, then you’re in luck because Huawei (almost) exclusively sells high-end smartwatches with a round design. Its sporty, mid-range “Fit” series of fitness trackers with a rectangular form factor isn’t available in Nepal just yet. But if you’re on a tight budget and want a reliable fitness band, then we can’t recommend the Huawei Band 6 enough. On the other hand, Huawei’s GT lineup of smartwatches delivers an excellent combo of premium design, dependable health tracking, and excellent battery life too.

Huawei Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro (46mm)Rs. 47,990
Huawei Watch GT 3 (46mm)Rs. 36,990
Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro (46mm)Rs. 34,990
Huawei Band 7Coming soon
Huawei Band 6Rs. 6,999

Honor Smartwatch Price in Nepal

If you’re someone who follows the tech industry, then you might know that Honor used to be a sub-entity of Huawei. But after the US government put Huawei on the dreaded “Entity List” which restricted it from doing business with most US-owned companies (including Google), Huawei had to sell Honor to other companies in order to save grace. You can learn more about this whole saga by clicking here. And after transforming into its own separate entity, Honor has come up with a bunch of new smartwatches as well.

Honor’s all subsequent launches are still heavily inspired by Huawei smartwatches though. And unfortunately, Honor Nepal hasn’t updated its portfolio of wearables with the newer models either. So if you’re shopping for Honor smartwatches, we would recommend getting the ones from Huawei instead. Except for the Honor Watch ES which is a decent high-end fitness tracker with some interesting features like animated workout courses and more.

Honor Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Honor Watch GS Pro (48mm)(Out of stock)
Honor MagicWatch 2 (46mm)Rs. 25,999
Honor Watch Magic (43mm)Rs. 14,999
Honor Watch ESRs. 12,999
Honor Band 6(Out of stock)

Xiaomi Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Xiaomi is one of the global leaders when it comes to affordable wearables. Its “Mi Band” lineup of fitness trackers is incredibly popular in Nepal and around the world. And Mi Band is also responsible for kicking off most people’s journey into the world of health and fitness tracking. But apart from budget wearables, Xiaomi also makes mid-range and flagship-grade smartwatches that compete against the best in the business. And Xiaomi Nepal recently launched its first premium smartwatch as well, the Watch S1 Active.

To be fair, it’s still a class below Xiaomi’s most high-end smartwatches, but most people should find its feature suite pretty up to the mark. The Watch S1 Active even supports Bluetooth phone calls, which is something you won’t find on several high-end smartwatches available in Nepal. Besides the budget “Mi Band” and the flagship “Watch S1” series, you can also buy Xiaomi’s middle-of-the-line fitness trackers and smartwatches. Some of them even have built-in GPS which means you don’t need your phone to trail your outdoor workouts.

Xiaomi Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Xiaomi Watch S1 ActiveRs. 22,999
Redmi Watch 2 LiteRs. 7,999
Mi Watch LiteRs. 7,999
Redmi Smart Band ProRs. 6,199
Mi Smart Band 6Rs. 5,999

AQFiT Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Capitalizing on the growing smartwatch, different wearable companies made their debut in Nepal. And one such name is AQFiT, which is an Indian smart wearable brand. Despite being such a young player in this industry, AQFiT has found great success thanks to its lineup of affordable smartwatches with attractive feature-set. The AQFiT W6 in particular has seen incredible success in Nepal for its combo of relatively premium design above everything else. And even though AQFiT’s smartwatches are quite affordable, some of them support Bluetooth phone calls too.

AQFiT Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
AQFiT W9Rs. 9,999
AQFiT W15Rs. 8,499
AQFiT W14Rs. 7,499
AQFiT W12Rs. 7,499
AQFiT W9 QuadRs. 7,499
AQFiT W16Rs. 4,999
AQFiT W6Rs. 4,999

Dizo Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Moving on, Dizo is an independent brand under the “Realme TechLife” ecosystem that deals with wearable devices including smartwatches. But even though it’s a separate entity from Realme, some of its products are straight-up rebranded Realme devices. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing though. And almost all Dizo smartwatches available in Nepal deliver incredible value for money. Plus, their software side of things is pretty decent as well. Dizo Nepal recently launched the much-awaited Watch R too, which is a great budget smartwatch with a premium metal frame, AMOLED display, blood oxygen monitoring, and a bunch of other health and fitness tracking features.

Dizo Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Dizo Watch ProRs. 8,390
Dizo Watch RRs. 7,799
Dizo Watch DRs. 5,299
Dizo Watch 2Rs. 5,290

Fitbit Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Few smartwatch makers have built as good a reputation as Fitbit in terms of premium health and fitness tracking. Recognizing all this, Google bought out Fitbit for $2.1 billion in January 2021—although the acquisition was first announced way back in November 2019. And here in Nepal, Sharda Group launched a bunch of Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches a couple of years ago. But as of now, you can’t buy any of them. However, rumors suggest that the company might be launching the latest Fitbit wearables pretty soon. They introduce a handful of meaningful upgrades over their predecessors, including support for a few Google apps like Google Maps and Google Wallet. Even though they still run on Fitbit OS instead of Google’s Wear OS platform.

Fitbit Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Fitbit Sense 2Coming soon
Fitbit Versa 4Coming soon
Fitbit Inspire 3Coming soon

HiFuture Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Up next, we have HiFuture, which is a Chinese audio and wearable company that has been officially selling its products in Nepal via Tech Studio. By the way, Tech Studio is the same company that introduced AQFiT in the Nepali market as well. Anyway, HiFuture has also managed to find domestic success in such a short time because of its appealing value-for-money smartwatches. Not just that, but if you want an affordable yet premium-looking smartwatch, HiFuture is one of the few companies that’s got something in store for you. The HiFuture FutureGo Pro and HiGear smartwatches feature a luxurious stainless steel build quality, which is something that you likely won’t find on other wearables in this price range. Other than this, HiFuture’s more affordable options are quite decent too.

HiFuture Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
HiFuture FutureGo ProRs. 12,999
HiFuture FutureFit UltraRs. 12,999
HiFuture HiGearRs. 12,000
HiFuture FutureGo FlexRs. 11,999
HiFuture FutureFit EvoRs. 6,599
HiFuture Future Fit PulseRs. 5,499
HiFuture FutureFit ZoneRs. 4,999

Imilab Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Imilab is one of the subsidiaries of Xiaomi, and it is a fairly popular name in the budget smartwatch territory. And because of this popularity, unauthorized vendors have been bringing Imilab smartwatches to Nepal for quite some time now. But the company officially launched its first wearable in Nepal about a year ago—the Imilab W12. This budget smartwatch packs a decent set of features, including IP68 dust and water resistance, blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, and up to 14 days of battery life. Besides this, we hope Imilab Nepal will launch some of the company’s newer smartwatches pretty soon as well.

Imilab Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Imilab W12Rs. 6,490

Intex Smartwatch Price in Nepal

When you hear the name “Intex”, a smartwatch is probably not the first thing that pops up in your mind. This Indian brand is mostly known for its feature phones, televisions, and other home appliances. But Intex recently expanded its product portfolio to include budget smartwatches as well. And Intex Nepal has introduced all these wearables as well. These smartwatches cover all your basic health and fitness tracking features like heart rate, sleep, stress, and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring. And a few of them let you take Bluetooth phone calls from the watch itself! That’s a pretty rare feature on a budget smartwatch so if an on-watch phone call is something you care about, then these are definitely worth checking out.

Intex Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Intex FitRist VogueRs. 6,999
Intex FitRist ActiveRs. 6,499
Intex FitRist StyleRs. 4,999

Kospet Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Another company that recently entered the Nepali wearable market is Kospet. Established in 2018, the company has divided its smartwatch lineup into three categories: Android, rugged, and fashion. Fun fact, its Android smartwatches run on full-fledged Android OS and not Wear OS which is optimized for such wearable devices. Not only that, but Kospet’s Android smartwatches also have built-in cameras and a flashlight. While these wearables aren’t available in Nepal just yet (although we still wouldn’t recommend them), you can find Kospet’s affordable rugged, and fashionable series of smartwatches here. Besides their distinct design languages, these devices also offer a nice set of health-tracking features.

Kospet Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Kospet Magic 3SRs. 7,499
Kospet Tank M1Rs. 7,199
Kospet RockRs. 6,999
Kospet RaptorRs. 5,999
Kospet Magic 4Rs. 5,999
Kospet Magic 3Rs. 5,799
Kospet GTO (Double Belt)Rs. 5,499
Kospet GTORs. 4,999
Kospet M2Rs. 4,499

Mibro Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Like Imilab above, Mibro is also associated with Xiaomi in some capacity—even though its smartwatches run on a custom flavor operating system instead of what you get on Xiaomi’s wearables. Anyway, Mibro smartwatches available in Nepal offer a healthy set of health and fitness tracking features on top of an attractive design and decent value for money. More importantly, if you want a budget smartwatch with an AMOLED display, then Mibro is among the few brands that have got something for you. While AMOLED display is not a big deal on fitness bands or fitness trackers. it is pretty uncommon in the budget smartwatch category. Apart from this, some Mibro smartwatches you can buy in Nepal even support blood pressure measurement, but we don’t trust its accuracy compared to a proper medical device.

Mibro Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Mibro Watch X1Rs. 6,600
Mibro LiteRs. 5,900
Mibro ColorRs. 4,500
Mibro Watch A1Rs. 4,400

Mobvoi Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Alongside companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Amazfit, Mobvoi is another trusted name in the premium smartwatch space. Even though its older smartwatches ran on a custom operating system, the new ones boast Google’s Wear OS instead and are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon wearable chips. Like Fitbit, Sharda Group officially launched Mobvoi accessories in Nepal back in 2020 with a bunch of budgets, mid-range, to premium smartwatches. And just like Fitbit, Mobvoi Nepal’s product portfolio hasn’t been updated either. Despite this, we hope to see Mobvoi’s upcoming launches arrive in Nepal as well. Besides their overall feature set, the new Mobvoi smartwatches will also be powered by the next-gen Snapdragon chip and will run on the latest Wear OS 3 platform.

Mobvoi Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 2020(Out of stock)
Mobvoi TicWatch C2+(Out of stock)
Mobvoi TicWatch S2(Out of stock)
Mobvoi TicWatch E2(Out of stock)
Mobvoi TicWatch GTX(Out of stock)

OnePlus Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Despite the OPPO merger debacle, OnePlus still remains one of the dominant names in the smartphone industry. But the company hasn’t been able to duplicate this success in the smartwatch market. In fact, its first smartwatch—the OnePlus Watch—faced immense criticism for its unpolished hardware and software. It runs on RTOS instead of Wear OS, which is what most people were expecting from OnePlus. While RTOS isn’t inherently bad or anything, it is a lot more restrictive in terms of what you can and can’t do on a smartwatch. Before this, the company had also launched the OnePlus Band fitness tracker, which is essentially a rebranded OPPO Band. As a result of such underwhelming performance in the wearable segment, OnePlus hasn’t come up with a new smartwatch or fitness tracker just yet.

OnePlus Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
OnePlus WatchRs. 23,990
OnePlus Band(Out of stock)

OPPO Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Similar to OnePlus, OPPO isn’t exactly known for its wearables either. It has launched a couple of fitness bands and a smartwatch in the international market so far, while the newer OPPO Watch 2 and the OPPO Watch 3 Pro have been exclusive to China. OPPO chooses to ship its smartwatches with different operating systems depending on the market. For China, there’s the ColorOS Watch while the rest of the world enjoys Wear OS instead. Besides flagship smartwatches, OPPO has also come up with a bunch of fitness bands that go head-to-head against the likes of Xiaomi’s “Mi Band” or the “Band” series from Huawei, Honor, and Amazfit.

OPPO Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
OPPO Watch(Out of stock)
OPPO Band Style(Out of stock)

Purple Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Moving on, Purple is a pretty unique entry on our list. That’s because this is a Nepali smartwatch brand contrary to how every other entry are based internationally. Purple is owned by IoT Incorporation, which is a subsidiary of Sharda Group and a sister company of Vatsal Impex. As you’d expect, Purple entered the domestic market with affordable wearables in Nepal in the first phase. There are three smartwatches to choose from, and all of them deliver a basic, no-nonsense smartwatch experience by combining decent design with a handful of health and fitness tracking features. A few of them let you take Bluetooth phone calls as well.

Purple Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Purple AlphaRs. 8,499
Purple DW7 ProRs. 7,999
Purple KW10 ProRs. 7,999
Purple StromRs. 7,999
Purple KW102Rs. 7,499
Purple KW105Rs. 7,499
Purple KW10CRs. 6,999
Purple KW06 ProRs. 6,499
Purple KW38Rs. 6,499
Purple TrendRs. 6,499
Purple G1Rs. 6,299
Purple KW22Rs. 4,999
Purple KW76Rs. 4,799
Purple KW203Rs. 4,699
Purple KW19Rs. 3,799

Realme Smartwatch Price in Nepal

As one of the top competitors to Xiaomi, Realme has been coming up with different wearables at comparable prices. Except for flagship smartwatches, Realme sells a variety of budget fitness bands and smartwatches. But here in Nepal, the company has been pretty disappointing in updating its lineup of wearable products. Even after the new management under Jagdamba Mobiles. Anyway, Realme smartwatches offer great design, health-tracking features, and a relatively optimized software experience. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, its wearables can be a terrific choice if you’re looking to buy a dependable budget smartwatch that gets all the basics right.

Realme Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Realme Watch S(Out of stock)
Realme Watch(Out of stock)
Realme Band(Out of stock)

Riversong Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Riversong is among the several wearable companies that recently entered the Nepali market. And this Chinese brand’s portfolio is loaded with a bunch of budget smartwatches as well. Under the “Motive” lineup, you can choose between both round and square watch dials. The comparatively costlier ones even support Bluetooth phone calls! Other than this, the Riversong smartwatches available in Nepal cover all the standard features you’d expect from an affordable wearable device. Some models let you take blood pressure (BP) readings too. But like practically every other smartwatch—be it budget or flagship—that claims to be able to measure your blood pressure level, it simply doesn’t compare to a medically-approved BP monitor.

Riversong Smartwatch ModelPrice in Nepal
Riversong Motive 2C (SW10)Rs. 8,999
Riversong Motive 5C (SW51)Rs. 8,999
Riversong Motive 5 (SW50)Rs. 8,499
Riversong Motive 3 Pro (SW46)Rs. 7,599
Riversong Motive 3C (SW31)Rs. 7,599
Riversong Motive 2L (SW18)Rs. 6,999
Riversong Motive 3 (SW30)Rs. 5,799
Riversong Motive 5E (SW55)Rs. 4,999

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