The Perfect Bankroll for Blackjack

Have you ever heard of the term “bankroll”? This is your available gambling budget. If you don’t want to lose all your money in a couple of rounds, it’s sensible to opt for a higher bankroll.

How high the bankroll should depend on the game, your strategy, and your opening bet. A bankroll is important in blackjack as well. You want to be able to catch several lost rounds, and this is possible when you start with a good foundation. So besides the blackjack rules, you need to know what the perfect bankroll for blackjack is.

What is a “Bankroll”?

Inside the casino, you’ll often come across the term “bankroll”. It’s not a complicated term. Many people already have a certain idea what this term means, and it’s nothing more than the money you have available for gambling. It’s the amount of money you start playing with, as well as money that you ‘can spare’ to gamble with. Most of the players in a landbased casino are regular visitors, who’ll visit a few times a year. They put some money aside to use when visiting a casino. If you gamble online, it gets a little more complicated. The bankroll can be replenished with a few clicks. Is that risky? It’s not that risky. But with a bankroll, we often talk about money that we ‘can miss’ to gamble, for example on a game like blackjack.

Long term versus short term

A recreational gambler will probably be more interested in the short term. He or she visits the casino once and prefers to win money. But that makes it difficult to choose the right bankroll. As a result, one often chooses a bankroll that is too low, emptying it within a few rounds. A more professional gambler will look at the long term, and aim for a situation where the bankroll isn’t empty within a few rounds. He or she will also know how much is wagered on a game like blackjack, and can make a better bankroll estimation.

If you want to extend your bankroll, you need to have a strategy.

In black, a good blackjack strategy is simply indispensable, regardless of your bankroll. In any case, card counting is essential. It provides more clues on whether or not to ask for extra cards in blackjack, and at the same time reduces the casino’s advantage. However, there are many other strategies that will help you win in blackjacks, such as the Martingale or Labouchere strategy. These strategies can also be seen in another table game: roulette. Roulette won’t guarantee you a win, but it will improve your results in the long run.

What is the perfect bankroll in blackjack?

The information above is great and all, but what’s the perfect bankroll to use when playing blackjack? That depends on several factors: your initial bet, the strategy you want to use and the number of hours you want to continue with the same bankroll. Let’s start with the fixed bet you’re playing with. For a regular player, the fixed bet per round in blackjack is 5 euros. We’ll look at the other elements on that basis.

In our example, you play 2 hours in a row. The rounds in blackjack are usually very fast, so you can play up to 25 rounds within an hour. In two hours that will be 50 rounds. With the fixed bet of 5 euro, this means that you’ll bet 250 euro. The casino’s advantage with an average of 1% isn’t that high, so you’ll probably win several rounds as well. This means that you don’t necessarily have to use the full 250 euros as a bankroll. Overall it’s good to be able to play at least 20 rounds with one bankroll. This means that after two hours of playing, you can still continue to play, or stop at a small profit or loss.

How much money can you lose?

The choice for your bankroll also depends on the money you ‘can miss’. If you are young, you often have less to spend, which has consequences for the bankroll. Never choose a high bankroll because you have to, but always go for a bankroll that matches the money you can invest. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, but still want to play blackjack in a responsible way, then we recommend that you opt for the online casino like¬†Loyal Casino. This is why.

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