Are you shopping for a gadget-obsessed friend or family member? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Here in our blog post, we’ve listed down our hand-pick collection of top 10 unique tech gifts. Here are some fun tech toys that make great presents and could be best gifts for techies this year.

Top 10 Best Tech Gifts for 2015

Technology live with us, on us and near us. These below-mentioned good-looking and useful gadgets and tech products are made for unforgettable tech gifts for tech savvy guy.

1. Notti Smartphone Notification Light:

Top 10 Tech Gifts

Price: 49.99

Buy: Amazon

Smarter than a smartwatch in lots of ways, the Notti Smartphone Notification Light lets you put down your smartphone and enjoy your environment while not missing anything important. The color-changing light syncs with iOS or Android devices and can provide alerts for calls and a variety of messaging and social media apps, as well as serve as mood lighting or an alarm.

2. Apple iPod Shuffle:

Tech Gifts and Gadgets

Price: $47.49

Buy: Amazon

The colorful, clip-and-go Apple iPod Shuffle is perfect as a gift for everyone. With built-in buttons and VoiceOver, one can have access to their favorite songs, playlists, and Genius Mixes wherever he/she go.

3. Motorola Moto 360:

Top 10 Tech Gifts

Price: $142.47

Buy: Amazon

The most attractive smartwatches are the ones that look most like their analog ancestors. The Moto 360’s modern take on the watch is both elegant and intelligent. It can be customized and isn’t just for Android users – it works with iOS too.

4. Kindle Voyage:

Top 10 Tech Gifts

Price: $199.99

Buy: Amazon

The Amazon Kindle Voyager does the best thing an e-reader can do; it disappears to leave the reader immersed in the worlds and the worlds on the e-page. Several tech geeks have praised not just its technical specs but its lovely, thin design as well.

5. Samsung Level Over Headphones:

Top 10 Tech Gifts

Price: $102.99

Buy: Amazon

The Samsung Level Over has other headphones beat as far as looks go. They stand out without being showy and in snow white look superluxe.

6. Karma Go:

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Tech Savvy Guy

Price: $149

Buy: Karma

Get Wi-Fi wherever you go with Karma Go. The hotspot turns LTE into Wi-Fi, so you can pocket the device and get great service (and unlimited data) in over 460 U.S. cities.

7. Le Cord:

Top 10 Tech Gifts

Price: $13.99

Buy: Amazon

Your Lighting Cable shouldn’t have to look like everybody else’s Lighting cable. Make yours easy to spot and guaranteed to be covered with Le Cord. The braided leather design sets you apart and prevents cord shred.

8. Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera:

Top 10 Tech Gifts

Price: $199.96

Buy: Amazon

Those Polaroid cameras of yesteryear seemed bulky in the decade after their prime but are now the epitome of vintage design. The Impossible Project has brought back the classic Polaroid SX-70 Starter Camera, and it looks better than ever.

9. Native Union Power Link Tassel:

Top 10 Tech Gifts and Gadgets

Price: $29.99

Buy: Amazon

Dangle a tassel in front of a fashion fan and they’ll find it hard to resist. The perennial style favorite gets a little more than its usual power with the additional of hidden Lighting and USB connectors in the Native Union Power Link Tassel.

10. Amazon Fire Tablet:

Tech Gifts and Gadgets for Tech Savvy Guy

Price: $49.99

Buy: Amazon

The new 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet is far from the best tablet in the world, but it is almost certainly the best tablet and tech gift under $50 in the world. You wouldn’t want to do any serious photo or video editing; save that for the super-sized iPad Pro. But if you just want to stream YouTube clips, read books and play games, then this is the slate for you.