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The Pioneers of Tech: Unveiling Top 10 Best IT Companies in Nepal

Top 10 Best IT Company in Nepal - Tech Companies
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Nepal, a land renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is also making significant strides in the field of technology. With a burgeoning IT sector, Nepal has witnessed the rise of numerous remarkable tech companies that have made a mark on the global stage. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to explore the top 10 best IT company in Nepal, showcasing their innovative solutions, exceptional services, and commitment to technological excellence.

The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Nepal. The country has a large pool of skilled IT professionals and a favorable business environment. From F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd. to Deerwalk Inc., these IT companies are shaping Nepal’s technology landscape and propelling the nation toward a brighter digital future.

Top 10 Best IT Company in Nepal [Tech Companies]

Nepal’s technology landscape is experiencing an unprecedented boom, with a remarkable increase in the number of IT companies across the country. With over 400 international-level IT companies, Nepal has emerged as a thriving hub for technological innovation. Among them, the capital city of Kathmandu boasts a significant majority, hosting more than 70% of these companies.

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In this article, we will highlight the top 10 best IT companies in Nepal that are set to make waves in 2023, showcasing their prowess, cutting-edge solutions, and industry-leading services.

S.N. No.IT Company NameLocation
1.F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd.Pulchowk, Lalitpur
2.Fusemachines Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Hattisar, Kathmandu
3.Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Hattisar, Kathmandu
4.LogPointJawalakhel, Lalitpur
5.Leapfrog Technology Inc.Dillibazar, Kathmandu
6.Verisk Nepal Pvt Ltd.Hattisar, Kathmandu
7.CloudFactory NepalBhaisepati, Lalitpur
8.YCO Pvt. Ltd.Kumaripati, Lalitpur
9.Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd.Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
10.Deerwalk Inc.Sifal, Kathmandu

1. F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd.

Location: M&S Tower, Lalitpur
Tel: 01-5439131

F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd - Top IT Company in Nepal
F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd.

F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd., the frontrunner among Nepal’s top IT companies, leads the way in revolutionizing financial technology solutions. With their innovative products and services, they have transformed the banking and financial sector in Nepal.

F1Soft International’s flagship products like eSewa and ConnectIPS have become household names, enabling seamless digital payments and efficient banking operations. By leveraging advanced technologies and maintaining a customer-centric approach, F1Soft International has firmly established itself as the go-to partner for financial institutions seeking cutting-edge solutions.

2. Fusemachines Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Devkota Sadak, Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Tel: 01-4105031

Fusemachines Nepal Private Limited - Best IT Company in Nepal
Fusemachines Nepal Private Limited

Fusemachines Nepal Pvt. Ltd. holds a prominent position among Nepal’s best IT firms, specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Their team of AI experts and data scientists are at the forefront of AI-driven innovation, assisting companies worldwide in harnessing the power of AI to transform their operations.

Fusemachines Nepal provides AI education, AI strategy consulting, and AI software development services, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of AI. With their commitment to innovation and exceptional talent, Fusemachines Nepal is shaping the future of AI in Nepal and beyond.

3. Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Hattisar Sadak, Kathmandu
Tel: 01-4435625

Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - Top Tech Company in Nepal
Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has earned a stellar reputation for its expertise in healthcare analytics, positioning itself as a leading IT company in Nepal. By combining cutting-edge technology with deep domain knowledge, Cotiviti Nepal helps healthcare organizations gain valuable insights from vast amounts of data, driving informed decision-making and improving patient outcomes. Their robust analytics solutions assist in identifying fraud, waste, and abuse within the healthcare system, making a significant impact on cost reduction and quality improvement.

Cotiviti Nepal’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to transforming healthcare analytics make them a key player in the industry.

4. LogPoint

Location: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-5541326

LogPoint - Best Tech Company in Nepal

LogPoint stands tall as a frontrunner in the realm of cybersecurity in Nepal, offering advanced solutions to safeguard organizations from evolving digital threats. Their comprehensive SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform empowers businesses to detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents in real time, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and critical systems.

LogPoint’s cutting-edge technology, coupled with its proactive approach to cybersecurity, has earned them a strong reputation as a trusted cybersecurity partner for organizations in Nepal and beyond.

5. Leapfrog Technology Inc.

Location: Charkhal Rd, Kathmandu 44605
Tel: 01-4419766

Leapfrog Technology Inc. - Best Tech Company in Nepal
Leapfrog Technology Inc.

Leapfrog Technology Inc., renowned for its commitment to digital innovation, takes a prominent place among Nepal’s top IT companies. With a diverse portfolio of services ranging from product development to digital transformation consulting, Leapfrog Technology helps businesses leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. Their expertise in web and mobile app development, UX/UI design, and software engineering has enabled them to deliver impactful solutions to clients worldwide.

Leapfrog Technology’s relentless pursuit of innovation and their dedication to providing exceptional user experiences set them apart as a leading IT firm in Nepal.

6. Verisk Nepal Pvt Ltd.

Location: Hattisar Sadak 429, Kathmandu 44600
Tel: 01-4425600

Verisk Nepal Pvt Ltd. - Best IT Firm in Nepal
Verisk Nepal Pvt Ltd.

Verisk Nepal Pvt. Ltd. excels in providing data analytics and decision support solutions, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Leveraging advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and machine learning, Verisk Nepal enables businesses to extract valuable insights from vast datasets, leading to improved operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

With Verisk’s industry-leading expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, Verisk Nepal has positioned itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to unlock the power of data.

7. CloudFactory Nepal

Location: Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel: 01-5592701

CloudFactory Nepal - Top IT Firm in Nepal
CloudFactory Nepal

CloudFactory Nepal has made significant contributions to Nepal’s IT industry by offering scalable outsourcing solutions to global clients. With a focus on data labeling, data enrichment, and content moderation services, CloudFactory Nepal combines cutting-edge technology with a dedicated workforce to deliver high-quality results. Their innovative platform and streamlined processes enable organizations to leverage the power of crowdsourcing, ensuring cost-effective scalability and efficient project execution.

CloudFactory Nepal’s commitment to delivering reliable outsourcing solutions has garnered them recognition as one of the top IT companies in Nepal.

8. YCO Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Lalitpur 44600
Tel: 01-5552226

YCO Pvt. Ltd. - IT Comapany in Nepal
YCO Pvt. Ltd.

YCO Pvt. Ltd. plays a pivotal role in transforming the education technology landscape in Nepal. Through their innovative e-learning platforms and digital solutions, YCO empowers educational institutions to embrace technology and deliver engaging learning experiences to students. Their comprehensive range of services includes learning management systems, virtual classrooms, and educational content development, enabling schools and universities to thrive in the digital age.

YCO’s dedication to bridging the gap between education and technology has established them as a leading IT company in Nepal’s education sector.

Location: Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
Tel: +977-9801523051 (Ncell) | +977-01-5970050 (NTC)

Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd. stands as a key player in Nepal’s IT industry, revolutionizing internet connectivity and telecommunications services. As one of the largest internet service providers in the country, Worldlink Communications offers high-speed internet solutions to businesses and individuals, facilitating seamless connectivity and digital access.

Worldlink’s commitment to delivering reliable and affordable internet services has made them a trusted name in Nepal’s telecommunications sector, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital era.

10. Deerwalk Inc.

Location: Sifal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4485429

Deerwalk Inc.
Deerwalk Inc.

Deerwalk Inc. excels in providing healthcare technology solutions, offering innovative products and services that enhance efficiency and improve patient care. Their expertise in healthcare analytics, population health management, and care coordination software has made a significant impact on the healthcare industry in Nepal and beyond.

Deerwalk’s comprehensive solutions enable healthcare providers to optimize operations, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance patient engagement. With a focus on innovation and a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, Deerwalk Inc. is paving the way for transformative healthcare technology solutions.

Complete List of Software & IT Companies in Nepal

Following is a list of software and tech companies (or teams) that are based or working in Nepal.

IT Company NamesLocationDescription
Aayulogic Pvt. Ltd.Min Bhawan, KathmanduSoftware solutions including, but not limited to, web development, web designing, web/domain hosting, and CMS
Admana Technology Pvt. Ltd.Tripureshwor, KathmanduWe are a Digital Ad Network Platform through which you can put your ads on 70+ websites in Nepal and pay according to your budget
Allied Netlink Technology Pvt. Ltd.Putalisadak, KathmanduInternet Service Provider (ISP)
Ambarkaar Software Pvt. Ltd.Bakhundol, LalitpurWe are a Digital Ad Network Platform through which you can put your ads on 70+ websites of Nepal and pay according to your budget
Amnil Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Manbhawan, LalitpurSharepoint, Web Solutions, Web Development, Web Design, Software Development, Graphic Designs, Mobile Application
Amsoft TechnologiesGwarko, LalitpurAmbarkaar is a subsidiary company of ComplianceQuest, we develop Enterprise Quality Management Systems in Salesforce
Anubhabi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Koteshwor, KathmanduWe develop real-world projects at such an efficiency rate that no other development company can offer
Aspark SystemsBasuki Marg, KathmanduAt Anubhabi we provide high-end online web and software development solutions to start-ups and medium to large-scale companies
Asterdio Inc.Sankhamul, KathmanduAn IT Consulting and Software Company serving in IT-related areas since its incorporation
Astranix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Bharatpur, ChitwanDomain Registration, Hosting Solutions, Web Design/Development, Software Development
Atlas Tek Pvt. Ltd.Gyaneshwor, KathmanduAn IT company with a specialization in creating new and innovative tools to cater to the need of modern days IT organizations as well as providing enterprise application development
Avionte SolutionsBuddhanagar, KathmanduA robust staffing solution
AwecodeBuddhanagar, KathmanduWe build awesome applications
Bajra TechnologiesTinkune, KathmanduWeb Design/Development, Multimedia Development, Social Media Management, and Hosting Solutions
Bidhee Pvt. Ltd.New Baneshwor, KathmanduWe are a technology company that primarily focuses on and excels in building software that brings our customer’s ideas to life
big B softKathmandu, Naya BazarNative – iOS app development agency
Bits InnovationNew Baneshwor, KathmanduA company solely established for the development and deployment of products with a Specialization in the development of Mobile/Web applications and Custom Software
Black TechZero Kilometer, PokharaApp Development, Web Development, Branding/Designing, Digital Marketing
BlackBox Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Patan, LalitpurMarket leader in email marketing, offering web-based email marketing solutions and services for organizations who want to maintain an active relationship with their customers
BraindigitGyaneshwor, KathmanduBuilding applications for businesses and mobile on a native platform, with driven project teams you can call yours
BroadLink Network and Communication Pvt. Ltd.Sanepa, LalitpurInternet Service Provider
CellApp InnovationsLainchaur, KathmanduWe develop and deliver Accelerating Technology to Organizations and Businesses
Centerpoint Networks Pvt. Ltd.Golfutar, KathmanduSoftware Solutions, Web Application Development, ERP, CRM
Channakya Software Pvt. Ltd.Sinamangal, KathmanduProvides services like Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Apps Development, and Web Hosting
Chhito Connect Pvt. Ltd.Anamnagar, KathmanduDigital Banking Products
Chulo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Kumaripati, LalitpurSoftware development company
Cixware Pvt. Ltd.New Baneshwor, KathmanduWe build banking software, assets management software, attendance management software, payroll management software, human resource management, and cheque management software
Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.New Baneshwor, KathmanduInternet Service Provider (ISP) and Network Service Provider (NSP)
CloudFactoryBhaisepati, LalitpurOn-Demand Workforce for Data Work
Cloudy Fox Technology Pvt. Ltd.Anamnagar, KathmanduSoftware Development, Support, Maintenance & Security
Clusus Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Jhamsikhel, LalitpurWeb and Mobile apps development, DevOps, Cloud services integration, and automation
Code KavyaNadipur, PokharaLeading provider of banking and payment solutions focused on bestowing excellence and distinction to the Banking and Financial industry
Code Pixelz Media Pvt. Ltd.Ekantakuna Rd, LalitpurWordPress theme and plugin development agency
Codewing SolutionsBishalnagar, KathmanduCodewing Solutions is a creative digital agency specialized in providing quality website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and mobile apps development
Comptech InternationalBanasthali, KathmanduCodekavya is a design and development company specializing in creating beautiful and scalable full-stack web and mobile applications
Cotiviti NepalHattisar, KathmanduAccounting software and automation solutions
Crystal InfosysJadibuti, KathmanduWeb Development, Internet Marketing SEO
Curves n’ ColorsKamaladi, KathmanduDesign, Copywriting, Branding
D-Tech Office System Pvt. Ltd.New Baneshwor, KathmanduSoftware Research and development center
Daanfe Inc Pvt. Ltd.Sankhamul Road, KathmanduWings For Ideas
Danfe Solution Pvt. Ltd.Gyaneshwor, KathmanduSoftware, Web, and Corporate Solutions Provider
Danphe Software Labs Pvt. Ltd.Anamnagar, KathmanduWe specialize in Software and Web Development
DasmalabSanepa, LalitpurIT Company focusing on Web Development, Mobile Applications, and Desktop Applications
DeerholdSifal, KathmanduProvides software development and IT services to clients around the globe
DeerwalkSifal, KathmanduBringing you software solutions for POPULATION HEALTH MANAGEMENT
Digital Age NepalTahachal, KathmanduDevelop promising software that includes KYC Management, Screening, CPFDS AML Solutions, Data Validation, and Online Accounting Solutions
DocsumoMitrapark, KathmanduIntelligent Data Capture and Extraction with OCR and AI
Dolphin Dive Technology Pvt. Ltd.Jhamsikhel, LalitpurSoftware, websites, and apps development along with data computing and visualization service
E-Digital Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Tinkune, KathmanduWe work in transforming the education sector of Nepal with the use of information and communication technology
E-Multitech Solution Pvt. Ltd.Kupondol, LalitpurCRM, Mobile Based Applications, Enterprise Solutions, and Big Data Analysis
E.K. Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Kupondole, LalitpurWeb Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Android & iOS Application Development
EagleVision ITManbhawan, LalitpurWe are a company specializing in auction software, web design, web development, mobile apps, e-commerce, and other services
EB PearlsKupondole, LalitpurDevelopment agency that operates on WordPress-based designs, offering high-end solutions for the web and mobile market
Eepos IT ServicesOld Baneshwor, KathmanduDigital agency for web design, e-commerce, and mobile app development
Enliv TechnologySinamangal, KathmanduWeb Development, Brand Design, Mobile Development – Your ideas, our expertise
ESignature Pvt. Ltd.Gyaneshwor, KathmanduDevelopment agency that operates on WordPress based designs, offering high-end solutions for the web and mobile market
ExotracOld Baneshwor, KathmanduWeb-based solutions, web development, software solutions, and IT service provider
Expresiv StudiosDillibazar, KathmanduUI/UX Design for Mobile, Web & Beyond
F1Soft InternationalPulchowk, LalitpurLeading provider of real-time logistics management software for automotive, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain logistics industries
Fawesome AppsPutalisadak, KathmanduWe make friggin’ awesome apps
Fusemachines NepalHattisar, KathmanduWe create intelligent software solutions that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives easier
GrepsrNaxal, KathmanduThe simplest web scraping platform
GrowByDataKupondole, LalitpurWe create intelligent software solutions that transform brands, grow businesses, and make people’s lives easier
GrowceptPulchowk, LalitpurGrowcept is a tech products platform
GurkhatechNew Baneshwor, KathmanduApp & Web Development, Facebook Marketing Nepal
GurzuLalitpur, KathmanduE-commerce data services for online retailers
Heartsun TechnologyBharatpur, ChitwanGurzu helps world-class customers get to their markets quickly with very high-quality products built with modern software technologies
HelloWorldCorpGairidhara, KathmanduWeb Development Company
HiUp Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Chabahil, KathmanduSoftware Company with a .NET platform
I3 Web SolutionBanasthali, KathmanduHiUp app enables you to get the best jobs in the construction, retail, and hospitality
Iceberg Technology Pvt. Ltd.Chandol, KathmanduAn IT service company providing full and fractional IT services to small and mid-sized businesses
Impetus Incorporation Pvt. Ltd.Pulchowk, LalitpurIT Offshore Service Provider
Incessant Rain Animation StudiosChhauni, KathmanduWe provide the best long-term web solutions and build the best website that suites your business needs
Incwell VentureJhamsikhel, KathmanduSoftware Development, Marketing, Events, Creative Content Creation
Infinia Hub Pvt. Ltd.Tinkune, KathmanduSoftware Development Company
Infinite IT Solutions NepalOil Nigam Kharji, BiratnagarProvide end-to-end software and mobile application development services
Infinity Digital AgencyMaitidevi, KathmanduSocial Media Management, Software & App Solutions, Graphics Design & Visual Arts, Web Development & Management, Photography & Videography, Digital Branding & Marketing
InfoDevelopersSanepa, LalitpurWe specialize in 3D character animation, visual effects for feature films, game cinematics, commercials, and integrated media
Insight WorkshopKamalpokhari, KathmanduSoftware Development Company
IntroCept NepalDhobighat, LalitpurA concept development company with skills and expertise to facilitate complex business solutions
Ishani Technology Pvt. Ltd.Hattiban, LalitpurMobile and Web Development
IT Advisors NepalDhumbarahi, KathmanduProviding innovative, quality, cost-effective IT Services and Software solutions for business process automation and re-engineering
Itel Communications Pvt. Ltd.Jawalakhel, LalitpurTelecommunication Service Provider
ItonicsAnamnagar, KathmanduIT Consulting, Application Architecture, and Digital Solutions
Janaki TechHarihar Bhawan, LalitpurWe strive to build better software useful for everyone
JankariTechNayagaun, PokharaWe specialize in helping customers set up test automation
JavraKumaripati, LalitpurIT solutions that boost productivity in business
JyaasaImadol, LalitpurBig Data analytics, trend and technology scouting, monitoring, and management
KarkhanaPashupati Rd, KathmanduAn education company and makerspace with a unique approach to learning
Kathmandu Living LabsMaharajgunj, KathmanduNon-Profit civic tech company
Kazi StudiosEkantakuna, KathmanduSolving complex problems through design and technology
Laser InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.Bhaisepati, LalitpurAt Jyaasa we transform ideas into world-class digital products
Leapfrog TechnologyDillibazar, KathmanduWe build world-class software for you
Libresoft IT SolutionsDillibazar, KathmanduYour trusted partner for Web Design & Development, Mobile App Development, and Viral Marketing
LinkBinaryBirtamode, JhapaProvides digital services in a simple yet secured, integrated, and comprehensive way while taking care of fairly drifted digital quality
LIS NepalManbhawan, LalitpurDevelopment agency that operates on WordPress-based designs, offering high-end solutions for the web and mobile market
LogPointJawalakhel, LalitpurProvides full enterprise SIEM solution
Lunover DigitalNaya Bazar, KathmanduInformation Technology and Services
Mahuri VenturesBharatpur, ChitwanSmart Solution for Smart Business
Makura CreationsPulchowk Rd, PatanWe provide Enterprise level Open Source Solutions, Training & Consultation in Linux System Administration & Networking
Manaram TechnologyBaluwatar, KathmanduWe are Digital Innovators who love turning visions into reality
Mandala System Pvt. Ltd.New Baneshwor, KathmanduWeb design/development, Desktop Application development
Mantra Ideas Pvt. Ltd.Sankhamul, KathmanduIT Company providing services related to web and mobile app development
Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.Durbar Marg, KathmanduWeb design/development, Software development, Mobile app development, Social media marketing, and SEO
Mhuchya TechnologySankhamul, KathmanduUnited for the development of Technology in Nepal, globally
Microsoft Innovation Center NepalKhichapokhari, KathmanduProvides access to world-class resources for students, software developers, IT professionals & entrepreneurs
MPercept TechnologyKupondole, KathmanduBuilding Fully Autonomous AI Technology to make things easier
Nagarjun Software Technosys Pvt. Ltd.Nagarjun, KathmanduOnline Marketing and Mobile Apps Software Development
Nepasoft Solutions LLCGairidhara, KathmanduService centric Information Technology firm with a special focus on the retail industry. Our expertise lies in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing, and Data Analytics
Nepbix Technology Pvt. Ltd.Tinkune, KathmanduNepBix Technology is a renowned mobile and web app development company & IT Software Solutions provider based in Australia & Nepal
NepXpress Cargo & CourierBuddhanagar, KathmanduInstant Home Delivery Service in Nepal
NITV Streamz Pvt. Ltd.Ekantakuna, LalitpurTV streaming
Numeric MindBhatbhateni, KathmanduProvides a comprehensive range of excellent value added services for Internet, content designing, development, and hosting
Okhati SolutionsBagbazar, KathmanduA statistical service company that provides insightful statistical solutions and data analytical services to enterprises and research firms seeking to make informed business decisions
Outsource ArrayThamel, KathmanduDedicated to creating a suitable environment for doctors, patients, and other health service providers to work together
PageVampSanepa, LalitpurDesign, Development, Maintenance, and Support all in one place
Parewa Labs Pvt. Ltd.Lazimpat, KathmanduMake products for Programming Enthusiasts
Pathway Technologies and ServicesThapathali, KathmanduSolutions and services in the field of software development, business/knowledge process outsourcing as well as consultancy and advisory services on information and communication technologies
Peace Nepal DOT Com P. Ltd.Kupondole, LalitpurCreate and Update the Website from Facebook Page
Perfect Active Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Old Baneshwor, KathmanduWebsite and Software Development for organizations operating in Nepal
Pioneer SolutionsSitapaila Chowk, KathmanduNext Generation C/ETRM and EMIS Software
Professional Computer System Pvt. Ltd.Chakupat, LalitpurWebsite and Software Development, SEO, Web Hosting, Web Graphic, and Logo Design
ProshoreTinkune, KathmanduNew media solutions that enable you to achieve your goal
QPayBaluwatar, KathmanduWe develop national or enterprise-wide applications for Government, Banking & Financial Sectors and Manufacturing Industries Verticals
Ribera SolutionsPulchowk, LalitpurOur Expertise – Internet of Things (IoT)
Rigo TechnologyLazimpat, KathmanduMobile-based payment solution
Rooster Logic Pvt. Ltd.Gairidhara, KathmanduData solutions, Web and mobile app development
Rosebay Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Baluwatar, KathmanduBlockchain, Product Development, Data Solutions
Sajilo SaathiSankhamul, KathmanduRide sharing app
Sastodeal – Be GenuineTripureshwor, KathmanduRigo provides Information Technology Consultancy, System Design, and Payroll Outsourcing Service
Sastra Creations Pvt. Ltd.Baluwatar, KathmanduWeb Hosting Solutions, Web Development, Software Solutions, Logo Design & Branding
SegonatechBattisputali, KathmanduWeb Development, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing and Branding, ERP Solutions
Seknox CybersecurityJhamsikhel, LalitpurTeam of experienced professionals with passion for delivering high-quality software solutions, products, and services
Semantic CreationPulchowk, LalitpurProvide professional services covering all areas of modern technology
Shiran Techlonogies Pvt. Ltd.Hattisar, KathmanduMobile App Development, Mobile Application Marketing, Mobile Marketing Consultation & Web Application Development
Smartmobe SolutionsTripureshwor, KathmanduMobile Apps, Graphic Design, and Web Development Services
SofthoverBansbari Rd, KathmanduMobile Apps and Web Development Services
Sofwena Pvt. Ltd.Patan Dhoka, LalitpurWe help to achieve secure access to internal servers and services using our product TRASA
Spark TechTinkune, KathmanduTech agency that creates innovative and meaningful digital products
SPI NepalThapathali, KathmanduSofwena is a company providing software development and product delivery services to Business House Holds, Agriculture Industry, and Financial Management
SUBISU CABLENET (P.) LTD.Jhamsikhel, LalitpurProvider of Digital Solutions, Mobility, Analytics, Merchandise Planning, In-Store Engagements, and Quality Assurance
SUBISU CABLENET Pvt. Ltd.Jhamsikhel, LalitpurProvide e-commerce services for businesses to connect to their customers online
Supreme IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.New Baneshwor, KathmanduWe transform Business through Technology
Susankya Tech Pvt. Ltd.Kupondole, LalitpurSoftware company with highly experienced and like-minded experts focusing on real-world problems, implementing the best solutions to simplify day-to-day life
Sustainable SolutionsPulchowk, LalitpurmSupply and MoneyWorks
Swift TechnologyPanipokhari, KathmanduLeading FinTech company established in 2007, expertise in digital financial services, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Remittance Systems, Mobile wallet, and customized software development
Tech Bizz Pvt. Ltd.Maitidevi, KathmanduMobile Apps, Graphics Design, and Web Development Services
Tech Kunja Pvt. Ltd.Patan, LalitpurProvider of software development services for higher education, healthcare, and business markets
Tech One Global Pvt. Ltd.Naxal, KathmanduTechnology solutions to maximize your ROI and secure your organization
Tech101Kamaladi, KathmanduWeb design, web development, AI, graphics design, and consulting services
TechNepalNakhipot, LalitpurWeb design, web development, graphics design, and digital marketing
Techno Troop Inc. Pvt. Ltd.Putalisadak, KathmanduMobile Apps, Graphics Design, and Web Development Services
TechnorioSankhamul, KathamanduOne-stop tech news portal in Nepal
TECHRISEJhamsikhel, LalitpurLearning Platform combining 1-on-1 mentorship, project-based learning, and a friendly student community that will accelerate your path to becoming a web developer
Tekkon TechnologiesBaluwatar, KathmanduApp Development, AWS Consulting, DevOps, CI/CD Implementation, Staff Augmentation
ThemeGrillBasundhara, KathmanduFree and Premium WordPress Themes Store
Three MonksNew Baneshwor, KathmanduCarter the growing needs in the space of technical expertise with a special focus on Digital Financial Services, Money Transfer Business, and Entertainment Companies
TruemarkRanibari Chowk, KathmanduWeb & Application Development, Digital Marketing, Corporate IT Services, and Solution
UBA SolutionsThadodhunga, LalitpurSoftware Research and Development
Umanga Creation Pvt. Ltd.Uttar Dhoka, KathmanduWe are remote first, quality-focused outsourcing company
Unelma PlatformsRatnanagar, ChitwanWe innovate/create/implement brands to realize their true potential
UniAxilSoftwaresAnamnagar, KathmanduInternet, Network, and Television Service Providers
UnifunNagpokhari, KathmanduUnifun is a provider of high-class IT products for Mobile Operators
Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd.Khichapokhari, KathmanduExpertise in business software, custom software, business intelligence, document management/collaboration, mobile and infrastructure solutions
UXCamBhanimandal, LalitpurUXCam captures every micro-interaction on your app, allowing you to replay, analyze and optimize the user experience
Vairav TechnologyBaluwatar, KathmanduInnovation – for real-world problems
Verisk NepalHattisar, KathmanduSoftware development and information technology (IT) service support center for Verisk Analytics
Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd.Jawalakhel, LalitpurProvider of high-speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for businesses and individuals
View NepalKamalpokhari, KathmanduWeb and Logo Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration
Visualise VRPulchowk, LalitpurProvides a complete solution for Web Design and Hosting
Viveka HealthSanepa, LalitpurSoftware company working on health data projects
Walkers Hive Pvt. Ltd.Putalisadak, KathmanduDigital Marketing, Optimized Website, Management System, Mobile Applications, Software Integration, Advanced Level Programming Course, IT Consultation
Webpage Nepal Pvt. Ltd.New Road, PokharaHelp businesses benefit from mixed reality technologies
Webpoint Solutions, LLCSanepa, LalitpurWeb Development and Digital Marketing Agency
WebRoboSetopul, KathmanduCreative website development and digital marketing
WebSoft Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Indradev Marg, NarayangarhPokhara-based web development company
Wiseyak Inc.Bhatbhateni, KathmanduWe offer unique solutions around clinical decision support across the healthcare industry in a unified platform using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd.Jawalakhel, LalitpurCybersecurity agency that follows global standards and framework in technology, audit, and security, adapting them to suit the client’s need and urgency without compromising the essence of their companies
Yarsa LabsZero Kilometer, PokharaComplete IT service provider providing services such as data connectivity, network integration and consulting, web hosting, hardware sales, and maintenance
Yomari Information Services IncorporatedKumaripati, LalitpurAnalytics, business intelligence (BI), and data warehouse consultants
Young Minds Creation Pvt. Ltd.Shantinagar, KathmanduWe are Software Development & Website Design Company
YoungInnovationsKumaripati, LalitpurWe create innovative and powerful solutions to global development problems
ZurelSoftJawalakhel, LalitpurData-driven lean construction software solutions
Zyoba LabsPatan Dhoka, LalitpurBuilding and distributing high-quality software applications for mobile and the web


Nepal’s IT industry is thriving, and these top IT company in Nepal represent the forefront of technological innovation and excellence in the country. From F1Soft International’s financial technology solutions to Deerwalk Inc.’s healthcare technology expertise, each company has made substantial contributions to its respective domains.

Through their commitment to innovation, exceptional services, and cutting-edge solutions, these IT firms are playing a vital role in driving Nepal’s digital revolution. As Nepal continues to embrace technology and harness its potential, these top tech companies in Nepal are shaping the nation’s future and solidifying their positions as the best IT firms in Nepal.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria were used to determine the top 10 IT companies in Nepal?

The top 10 IT companies in Nepal were selected based on factors such as their innovative solutions, industry reputation, client testimonials, technological expertise, and overall impact on Nepal’s IT landscape.

How many of the top 10 IT companies in Nepal are based in Kathmandu?

Over 70% of the top 10 IT companies in Nepal are headquartered in Kathmandu, reflecting the city’s prominence as a hub for technological innovation and growth.

Do these top IT companies in Nepal offer services globally?

Yes, many of the top IT companies in Nepal have a global presence and offer their services to clients both within Nepal and internationally. They cater to a diverse range of industries and clients across different continents.

What industries do these IT companies cater to?

The top IT companies in Nepal cater to a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, education, telecommunications, e-commerce, and more. Their services span across various sectors, providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different industries.

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