How to Upgrade Huawei Honor 4X to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

The Android L update for Huawei Honor 4X has finally arrived and brings various visual and performance enhancements to the smartphone. Along with the upgraded Android version, you can also enjoy the latest version of Huawei’s custom UI, Emotion UI (EMUI) 3.1. Here in this blog post, we will provide the download links and software upgrade guidelines.

As it’s an upgrade of OS from KitKat to Lollipop, it’s obvious that upgraded version will take more space because APK size has been increased in L version.

New Features in Android Lollipop for Huawei Honor 4X:

  1. Lock Screen: Notifications can be read directly from the unlock screen.
  2. Banner Notifications: Notifications can be accessed directly from the notification bar, without the need for swiping from the bar.
  3. Badge App Icons: User can disable badges for the particular app icon.
    Fast Searching: Without traversing user can directly search items from settings.
  4. Time-lapse Photography: No matter how long the photography is, a video as short as 40 seconds at most is generated using intelligent dynamic frame extraction.
  5. Magazine Lock: Add a new feature in Magazine lock to which allow the user to add his own photo.

Download Software Upgrade Package:

Upgrade Package:


Main Package:

Upgrade Tools:

A microSD card

Upgrade Requirements:

  • Make sure that the MicroSD card is available with enough free space and can be read and write. (Recommended: Use microSD card of 4GB or more)
  • Make sure that the power of the phone’s battery is enough to run the upgrade process. It’s recommended that the power of the battery is more than 40%.
  • Upgrade operation will delete all user’s data. You should backup all important data before upgrade.

Upgrade Huawei Honor 4X to Android Lollipop

Methods to Upgrade Honor 4X to Android L:

There are two methods to upgrade your Huawei Honor 4X to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop i.e. Normal Upgrade and Force Upgrade. The Normal Upgrade needs to start the handset and enter the System Update module, whereas, the Force Upgrade is just used when the handset can’t boot up or can’t enter the idle screen.

1. Normal Upgrade:

Step 1: Format the microSD card. (This operation is optional)

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded folder and copy the entire dload folder (with UPDATE.APP in it) to the root directory of the microSD card.

Step 3: Insert the microSD card into the handset and power on the device.

Step 4: After entering the home screen, to find System Update application, press Settings > Update > Menu > Local update > Full package: UPDATE APP > Install to start the upgrade. Please reference to the following pictures shown below:

Upgrade Huawei Honor 4X to Android L

Step 5: When the progress bar stops, it will show Update success and then the phone will automatically get POWER OFF.

2. Force Upgrade:

Step 1: Format the microSD card. (This operation is optional)

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded folder and copy the entire dload folder (with UPDATE.APP in it) to the root directory of the microSD card.

Step 3: Make sure your smartphone is Power Off. Insert the microSD card into the handset. Press the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN key, and then press the POWER key to power on the smartphone and enter the Software Upgrade Mode.

Step 4: When the progress bar stops, the handset will automatically Power OFF.

Upgrade Validate: Check Android Version

Upgrade Validate: Check Android Version

Check Build Number: Che1-L04C900B321 for successful upgradation of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on your Huawei Honor 4X. By Steps: Settings > About Phone > Build Number, to check the version is correct or not.

How to recover if software upgrade fails?

How to recover if software upgrade fails

If upgrade fails or the device is not responding follow the instructions below:

  • Press and hold Volume UP key and then Power key to enter the recovery mode in Huawei Honor 4X and do a hard factory reset.

Note: This will delete all users’ data from the device. And even of the problem exists, please contact the nearby service center.


  1. Hi Wilton,

    Extract the downloaded file and inside the folder there’s dload folder. Simply copy the entire folder to the root of your microSD card.

      1. Hi Amar,

        Software updates are not rolled out to make devices hang. Instead, it enhances user experience and provides new features. So, don’t worry about hang and all.

        1. SIR
          I am already download the Zip file in my SD card but in Local Update it shows-Unable to find update package..kindly help me

        2. Hi Brother, Yesterday my honor 4x mobile asked for android 5.1 lollipop update i just click on it,it is downloaded and again ask for install proceed with installation, after installation it is rebooted there my phone got stuck at welcome screen,Can you please help me

          1. Hi Srini,

            There’s nothing to worry about, wait for at least 10-15 minutes. If it doesn’t help you out, try resetting your smartphone and installing fresh Android 5.1 Lollipop.

      1. Hi,

        It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete the whole upgradation process. It shouldn’t be stuck in the middle like this? Try doing to it.

    1. Hi Aakku,

      Can you share with us what steps are you taking to install the update on your smartphone? So, we can better understand where you’re lacking behind.

      1. I can do all till the screen where it’s supposed to download the system update, but it says system update failed and then appears “shutdown system” button

  2. I just have a query, in the Nikhil Agrawal post “Unzip the downloaded folder and copy the entire dload folder (with UPDATE.APP in it) to the root directory of the microSD card.”

    root directory? My SD memory card, doesnt has root directory. and you have mentioned created dload folder and copy the unzipped content.

    will that mean , copying to dload means, dload is a root directory?

    1. Hi Raj,

      The steps are quite easy. Let me clear your doubt. When you will unzip the downloaded folder, you will notice that it contains dload folder in it. Now what you have to do is, simply copy the dload folder in your microSD card. That’s it.

    1. Hi Poorana,

      I will not recommend you to root the device before upgradation. As when I upgraded my Huawei Honor 4X, it was not rooted one.

  3. Hi Nikhil,
    I done a normal upgrade process what you told in it. But it tells system upgrade fails when it reaches 35%. What can i do now.please tell me what to do..

    1. Hello Bala,

      I’m still unaware what’s wrong with the upgrade process. I tried it and in the very first attempt it was successfully upgraded to Android Lollipop. I suggest you to make some space on your handset and try doing it again. An again, if the same problem arises go with second method explained in the article below.

      1. Ya Nikhil but i have a 11Gp of free space in my sd card and 1.5gp of free space in my internal memory. I tried that second method also .but it failed in that same stage.

  4. Hi Nikhil,

    i have done all upgrade process what you told and same problem like Bala have, but mine tells in 0% that upgrade fails. i have tried 5 times and still fails. What can i do?

    1. Hi Ibrahim,

      Don’t worry. Neither your SD card won’t be formatted nor your apps will be uninstalled during the upgrade process.

  5. Hi Nikhil,
    Before upgrade, is that i have to cleanup the internal memory fully? Because now i have a free space of 2gb in my internal memory and 11 gb in sd card. But when i install it gets failed. Help me to upgrade .

        1. Hi Asif,

          The battery performance is quite improved after the upgradation, whereas there is slight decline in the user available memory section.

    1. Hi Shivam,

      There’s no any kind of risk in upgrading to Android 5.1 Lollipop. The download link of the package is mentioned under “Software Upgrade Package:” section.

    1. Hello Kishor,

      I have updated my device to Lollipop update and at my end, there’re no any such lags. Even the Alphast 8 is running smoothly.

    1. Hi Saeed,

      Root section of your SD card means when you open your SD in computer you will be in the root directory by default. You just have to paste the dload folder in your SD card.

  6. I updated my phone to lollipop but now my security function in setting is not working…what should I do now.?
    Also when I am uninstalling apps my phone is getting restart….no apps are uninstalling…..plz help me

  7. After installing lollipop, phone started, but for morethan 3o minutes display honor only, Not going to open mode, It more than 10gb in sd card. Can you tell how much time takes for booting the phone after installing .

      1. I waited for 2nd half& hours, noting in progress. So manually upgraded by downloading software and pushing to memory card, then rooted.

        Many of forms confirm the same issue,

  8. Is there any bug fix for media server battery drain issue included in the new update? This is a major problem in this phone.. Some are saying that their device got stuck at the boot screen after the update. Is it true?

  9. Hi, Need some understanding with regards to the new 5.1 (Honor 4X). After downloading it will be in SD root folder as Software then extract & copy into a new folder (dlaod).

    Question: 1) This Update.App is 2.7GB. In this case above, do I used up a total of 5.4GB?
    2) After installing the can I delete the folder (software & dload folder)?
    3) The phone memory space also drained with this Update.App?


  10. Hi Nikhil
    After updating my device, Can i delete the dload folder from the SD card? Or do i need to keep that folder?

  11. Dear all,
    I successfully flashed the new 5.1.1 firmware (I believe it is a Malaysian/SIngaporean version) onto my European Huawei 4X. All worked OK. Quite happy with the performance. But I cannot root the new firmware. It seems even my recovery mode is “broken”. If I reboot into recovery mode by key combination or through ADB, it ends up in a “Honor” Welcome screen, but does not proceed to recovery mode. Any idea?

    1. Looks like I can now answer my own question (others might find it useful).
      The recovery version I had try to flash (both stock and custom) did not seem to work with Lollipop. I found new recovery images that work fine.

    1. Hi Hamed,

      This update is not that so heavy. You can update your device as there will be adequate amount of space left after finishing installation.

  12. My update is stuck on ~95%.. I waited all night and it’s still stuck.. I have tried restarting the update but it’s not working.. And factory reset is not working either. What should I do?

  13. Hi Nik,

    I have some problems whit my honor 4x. May be you can helpAfer 3 days ago i cant reproduce any video in my phone ( gallery, apps,etc…) Do you think that is a problem whit the Ugrades?
    I actually have Che2-L11

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Hector,

      Well, this should not happen as the update is totally working fine on the smartphone. I suggest you resetting your handset. Hope this will solve your problem.

      Nikhil Agrawal

  14. Hello Nik,

    If i upgrade my 4X to lollipop, my previous installed apps & Data will get removed (or) all the data & apps lies as usual even after the update ?

  15. Dear Nikhil,
    If i upgrade Android Lollipop 4x it’s will better then My current version is Che2-UL00V100R00LCHNC17B387?

  16. Currently im in Android 4.4.4. Can i upgrade it straight to 6.0. If i do so will there be any problem with my device?

  17. Hello can I download the upgrade with my phone and install it by phone it’s self. Or specifically I have to use a computer??

  18. Hi Nikhil,

    I have an Honor 4x version Che1-CL20V100R001CHNC00B288, Android 4.4.4, from Europe, does the upgrade applies to this model?



  19. Hello Nikhil,

    I’m trying to download the Main Package, but the it hangs at between 80 and 90 MB of 1.1 GB. Tried several times, every time the same result. Other downloads no problem, so it seems a problem with the server that contains the package. Any solution?

    Kind regards,

  20. Hi Nikhil,

    how to upgrade my honor 4x phone to lollipop version.

    bcz my phone restarting and restarting(press power button and then show the logo of honor and restart again and again until battery discharge )
    please help me .

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